Lesson 2: How To Implement Step 3 Webinar

Please make sure to watch or listen to this webinar at least once and/or read the transcript. Here, we speak directly to our Gut Thrivers, which will give you both the language and the acumen to speak to your clients and patients about this step in a similar way (as well as give you many tools to troubleshoot and customize). In this webinar, we also discuss:

  1. Explanation of the Step 3 Supplement Protocol and how to begin probiotic therapy based upon how their unique Plan is progressing.
  2. How and when to address the mental/emotional aspects of health/sickness. This is CRUCIAL, as we have to address the whole person and help others understand that in Step 3, they might get “triggered” emotionally as they are flipping over their genetic code and thus ripe and ready to also let go of past trauma, patterning, and ways of being that no longer serve their highest potential. 
  3. Upgrading someone’s belief system to help them create an inner freedom for positive transformation.

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NOTE: This webinar is a replay from the 2015 LIVE Gut Thrive program, so please disregard any references to specific dates for ordering products and other specific or time-sensitive information which may not relevant. Also note that some modifications to the materials and program that may be referenced in the webinars have already been incorporated, so do please check your program materials before submitting a question based upon the webinar discussions.