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The Gut Thrive Experience!

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In this video, you'll discover how to:

  • SLASH inflammation with healing foods and 3 different types of enzymes
  • ELIMINATE symptoms such as insomnia, constipation, brain fog, and exhaustion
  • Gently RID your body of many different types of pathogens (those bugs like candida, SIBO, protozoa, etc that you've picked up throughout your life!)
  • RE-EDUCATE your immune system by populating it with specific bacteria that works for your genetics
  • HEAL leaky gut (or intestinal permeability, which leads to brain fog, bloating and joint pain)
  • What exactly this experience will be like for YOU based upon your current state of health
  • What issues it can help you heal and why this is a long-term solution that most western and even naturopathic or functional medicine doctors don't yet practice nor understand

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  1. To whom this may concern ;

    I was wondering if I could apply for a partial financial scholarship for the Gut Thrive in Five Program, or apply to get on a list for the scholarship ?

    Please email me and let me know. I am extremely interested in going through the program, but the full cost w/supplements is cost prohibitive for me, due to some health and financial limitations at this time.

    I look forward to hearing from you


    • Hi Cari,
      We just finished our annual scholarship period. Please email our GT5 support team to see if they can make an exception and have you apply this year. Their email is [email protected]. I hope you can join us and hope we can help you. Best, Christa

  2. Dear Christa,

    How refreshing and wonderful to listen to your webinar. The program sounds fabulous, meaning that it is the most ‘common sense' program I've heard about to date! It makes my heart leap to realize that there are people out in the world like you! Part of the new loving generation. What a gift to have found you. Would like to begin right now! However, am on a limited income. Do you have payment plans of something like $200 a month for 6 months? Crazy I know but the $200 would be a stretch but would gladly find a wayto make it work. Am 64, semi-retired, no credit card so it's a question of trust. In 2011 was diagnosed with Hashimotos and have been trying to heal it on my own. Two years ago, connected with various functional medical doctors via webinars, (Wentz, Dr. Obsorne, Chris Kresser and they are wonderful. Some things have changed for me. My TPO antibodies are still over 900 but my other antibodies are now in normal range. My TSH is just now coming down from 12 to 4.34.. Still have work to do but it is improving. Have tried to be gluten and dairy free and minimize processed food and am pretty successful but every once in a while fall off the program. Found some natural estrogen to help me sleep and it works.
    Still have weight and energy issues.
    Will you accept a payment plan?

    with much gratitude,
    Caroline Medley

    • Hello Carolline,
      Thank you! I am so glad the webinar made sense and gave you hope. Would love to have you begin and yes we have payment plans. Please email our customer care team at [email protected] and they can direct you. It would be WONDERFUL for you to keep us up to date to see how GT5 lowers those thyroid antibodies down from 900. We've had complete remission in the 12 weeks with those numbers and some take another 4-6 months to get complete remission but you can trust the program will put you on the fast track to getting there and FEELING the difference. Hope to be able to serve you. Best, Christa

  3. The webinar was amazing! Super informative. Like many people I have found you after many several years of symptoms due to Hashimotos and now Candida and Celiac Disease. I am fortunate now to be working with a good Functional Med Doc but just got to a point where feeling stuck with her in healing my gut since she is approaching this with the “kill” those bugs mentality. Anyways, after spending thousands of dollars in finding treatments AND not being able to work for a long while- I am super broke and just read that you run sales 3 times a year with one coming end of the summer! I am so ready and so eager to start Christa but can't come up with the whole amount! When is you're next sale? Thanks so so very much!

    • Happy to hear it, Selene! Sounds like you are the perfect candidate for a successful and highly effective Gut Thrive. Please do make sure you are on our email list because our email subscribers are the first to be notified of our sales. And yes, our next big one and likely final one of the year will be toward the end of the summer or potentially Labor Day. So looking forward to having you join Gut Thrive and to helping you. Cannot wait to read your success story. Make sure you take down your antibody numbers so you can compare after the program. 🙂
      Best, Christa

  4. Hi, so I have looked through your website. Am I understanding right, that the price you are paying is for the education via internet, but not any of the supplementation needed? I am interested, but do not currently have access to the internet at home.

    • You are correct, Anne. You must have Internet access to use this program…although it's on “our list” to create a DVD series of the program soon enough.

  5. Hey I have been on your candida cleanse last year and then this year. Last year I couldn't get rid of it. This year I saw improvement but it's getting worse, the spit floated for 2 days then it sank the third day. Then 2 weeks after it sank all 3 days. Just very confused, this might be more powerful? I am interested in this because of skin issues, I had rosacea now It has improved amazinlgy because of the candida cleanse. But I have other skin issues, like chicken skin and still dry skin on the face. This might not be for me if I only are doing this for my skin, or that's the system. I just want to have a super health. But if I just have skin issues then this might not be for me? My candida is still not going away. What do you think?
    I am from Sweden so I have a hard time finding a practitioner, that can test if I have any other pathogens.

    • Hello Isobel, I'm very happy to hear of your continual improvement with the candida cleanse and yes, now it seems time to focus on the rest of the microbiome and ALL the potential pathogens at the same time for the home stretch of skin improvement. The HCL Challenge in Step 4 will likely clear up the rest of the rosacea. The good news is you don't have to test for pathogens in GT5 because our assessment covers that for you. There is one caveat, however, in that I would suggest that you do a half hour remote consult with Jack during GT5 Step 1 and ask him to order you a blood and urine test for heavy metals because if you still have candida, then your body could be producing it to keep you safe from methyl mercury. If that is the case, Jack will have to add an additional metal detox component to your Gut Thrive plan to pace metal detox effectively. Happy to have you with us all the way from Sweden. 🙂

  6. Christa,

    I am seriously considering the GT5 program. I am a fan of alternative doctors and self-care; I read a lot of books and try to keep up with the best treatments out there. SO happy to find you!! I know I have Candida; have dealt with it for many years. I also suspect that I have a redundant colon, or at least one with “a lot of twists and turns” as my GI doctor told me in 2002 after my painful colonoscopy.

    I rarely visit allopathic doctors, which has kept me off of antibiotics and drugs for the most part. The downside of this, however, is that I don't know for sure if I have SIBO and/or a sensitivity to FODMAPS. I have never tested for these.

    My question is: do I need to know this when filling out the assessment? I can only tell you that I was on the Paleo diet for almost a year, and it helped immensely with headaches and sinus/allergy issues. But it didn't help a lot with my gut issues (painful and/or trapped gas, abdominal pain, etc.). Therefore, I suspect that I have either one or both of these (SIBO/FODMAPS).

    I really don't want to spend the extra money to test for these if the assessment doesn't require a definite yes or no. Nor do I really want to be on Plan S because it's so strict — but it sounds like the one I'll likely be on. 🙂

    I just LOVE everything I've read in the last week about your program and all the heartful work that has gone into it.

    I read that you run 3 sales per year — is there one coming up soon?

    Thank you!
    Kathy Stiles

    • Hi Kathy!
      I'm so glad you found us and that our approach resonates with you. The good news is that you do not have to run any lab work to participate in GT5. The assessment that Jack developed spent more than 2 years in R&D with real patients before and after lab work. Our goal with GT5 is to save you that cost. Once you get inside the program, you'll take your assessment and if you it determines that bacteria is your heaviest pathogenic burden, you will be put into Plan S and this is targeted at all bacteria but it is also our SIBO/FODMAPS plan. I hear you that Plan S is a bit strict but we try to make it fun with our meal plans and snack ideas AND if you can hang in there, hopefully the results will be well worth the restrictions.

      We do have 3 sales a year and the next one will likely be late summer and then there's a Black Friday annual sale. Hope this helps!:)

    • Christa,

      I so appreciate your quick response…seriously. You are a BUSY woman; it further confirms that your heart is in this and not just your pocketbook…you truly care about seeing people healed so we can live a fuller life. When I watch you, I think to myself how radiant you look; surely it stems from both your vibrant health and your passion to help others. It is unmistakable. I am 61 years old and hope to start aging backwards (at least a little!) once I finally win the battle that's been raging against my gut for too many years!

      I have one more question for you, if you don't mind. I've got quite a case of Candida presently and plan to start the FODMAPS diet because I suspect it will help my digestion, etc. I will be saving up for GT5 until late summer; it's a much better time for me to commit to it for the many months/years I'll probably have to be on it.

      In the meantime, do you have a suggestion as to how to lower my levels of Candida during this time? I will certainly pay attention to the common diet for it, in conjunction with FODMAPS. Regular exercise/yoga, low stress, lots of laughter. 🙂 Do you have any supplements to recommend (I love coconut oil) — I would really appreciate any advice you have for me.

      Thanks so much,

      • Thanks so much for your kind words, Kathy! So sweet. 🙂 Just to clarify – you only have to be on GT5 for 11 weeks NOT many months/years. No one could do that. 😉 Yes, absolutely, I have 4 key supplements I recommend with Candida – Pau D'Arco, Oregano oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and Olive Leaf. Watch this detailed Randy and Christa Show where I lay out and explain the full protocol. Ought to keep the yeast at bay for you! http://thewholejourney.com/could-it-be-candida

  7. Also, one more question, Can I use Smooth Move Tea from Traditional Medicinal's Tea on this Gut thrive program? I take this tea every other day to poop, otherwise, I won't poop.

    • Hi Jess, Sure you ca use Smooth Move tea every other night on the GT5 BUT my hope for you is that we are going to re-establish the brain's role in peristalsis and get your gut healed so that you go twice a day on your own without assistance. We use trifala in the first phase of the program which is much gentler, nourishing and not habit-forming like senna and cascara sagrada (in Smooth Move) so hopefully you can try that first and if you don't get results, add in the tea. Lots of ways around constipation inside the program. 🙂

  8. Hello,
    I came across your website about a week ago. I have been having constipation for quite some time, but it is worse now. I do have candida, according to your at home spit test. I tested negative for SIBO. I have extreme bloating and burping, rare pain, severe constipation. No skin rashes. Some mental fog and anxiety and depression. No sleep issues. The biggest issues for me are the extreme bloating and burping all day long, no acid reflex. I have been paleo for 3 years, and I eat extremely clean, but even the littlest sugar in fruit or chocolate can make me look and feel 6 months pregnant. I have done the into to the gaps diet for 3 months with no benefit. I have been to many docs, taken HCL, beta food, enzymes, etc, all with no help. I would like to do the Gut Thrive program, but I want to take care of all my issues. Do people ever do the candida cleanse, then move on to the gut thrive? I just feel like that would be so expense and I should just start with the gut thrive. Will the candida be addressed in the gut thrive? I want to invest in the best possible program. I am unsure which program to do because i know i have candida, so I know that program will be helpful, but I think I may have something deeper than candida as well.


    • Hi Jess,
      I just transitioned today from Candida Cleanse to Gut Thrive. When I emailed the admins they recommended I make the move since I also believe I have other issues at play aside from Candida. Supposedly Gut Thrive is aimed towards SIBO, Candida, Parasites and FODMAP sensitivity. So it should cover all your bases. If you email them, they'll probably help you out in the transition: [email protected] . Since I only started Candida Cleanse 2.5 wk ago I am able to transition now. The FAQ on http://www.GutThrivein5.com says you have to wait 2 months after Candida Cleanse to start GT5.

      Our symptoms sound quite similar. Looks like GAPS is not low FODMAP so you'll have to use a different diet. I have been following low FODMAP diet with symptom relief (no bloating if followed strictly). I actually did have SIBO and treated that within the past 6 months but my symptoms didn't go away till I treated Candida. However, the symptoms are back so I believe Candida relapsed. I'm hopeful GT5 will be able to prevent that from happening, in addition to taking care of my current infestation. I am also worried I have something beyond Candida because not many others complain of bloating with FODMAPs (chocolate, most fruits except berries are high FODMAP) like myself. But when I treated Candida, that did go away so I guess it's true what they say about everyone reacting differently to Candida and SIBO. I got retested for SIBO just in case but my last test was negative in March. However some people feel there is a Hydrogen Sulfide-producing bacteria that can cause SIBO that does not show up on the breath test (they are investigating ways to test for those bacteria).

      I'm sure GT5 will have a low FODMAP diet plan but you could also look one up online and even pay for Monash University's smartphone app, which is supposedly very helpful. There is also the SIBO Specific Diet app by Dharmaworks, which is supposedly free. If you don't have SIBO then this diet will be more strict than necessary, as it's a combo of the Low FODMAP plus Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). I will say that no diet will cure these infestations but they will at least allow you to obtain nourishment from food instead of having it feed the overgrowth (and hopefully they'll eliminate bloating). Also, keep in mind there are some things on FODMAP/SIBO/SCD/GAPS diet that are NOT allowed on an Anti-Candida Diet. Unfortunately I haven't found a website nor app that has combined FODMAP/SIBO plus Candida diets so you just have to refer to multiple diet plans and follow whichever is strictest (for example, honey is allowed on FODMAP/SIBO but not allowed on Candida). Lastly, everyone is different and I find I get bloated from certain things that are allowed on both of these diets (carrots, for one). That is another reason I worry I have a parasite or something else going on.

      I will take the GT5 assessment now and see which track I get placed on. I hope you find the answers to your issues as well.

    • Hi Jess,
      Just checking in that this question was answered. I see Sierra above kindly replied. Gut Thrive is the best program for you with theses issues, hands down. GT5 addresses Candida as well so that is not a problem. You will likely end up in Plan F but it will also address protozoal and bacterial infection which sounds like a possibility here. We'll also address the deeper issues in GT5 like metal and environmental toxicity, genetic mutations, long-standing liver issues and hormonal factors. Hope that helps. 🙂 Christa

    • How does one know if they have candida exactly? I read through the website and didn't see any questionnaires or assessment sheets and was just trying to gather more information prior to biting the bullet and purchasing this program..



      • Hi Bobbie, you can do the 6 day spit test (video on this page: twjcandsdacleanse.com) or get an antibody test via blood or saliva or do a stool test. However, Gut Thrive is a microbiome rejuvenation program intended to reboot the entire digestive and immune system including “all the bugs” in there. This is why we do not require any prior lab work before joining. Our algorithmic assessment is intended to be a replacement for that, steering you toward the best plan for your body. Hope that helps! Best, Christa

  9. Hello!
    My 17 year old son has been diagnosed with hypersomnia and periodic limb movement. His conventional doctors say he is maintained and we should be good. I wonder if your program could help? I feel it is strongly possible he has a leaky gut (antibiotics as a child) and as a teenager he eats very poorly. He uses Ritalin to say awake during the day and Prozac for depression. Your thoughts? Thank you!

    • Hi Kathy,
      I'm sorry to hear about your son as sleep is so crucial and having it interrupted and his circadian rhythm flipped makes things very tough. I do not have experience with either of these per se, but I can say that when you heal the gut, that is first base to healing and balancing the hormones and brain chemistry so there is a very good chance that this program will give him some good traction in both from which to move forward from.

  10. Hi Christa,

    I found you thru wellness mama and am very interested in all you have to say, I have had UC for several years, managed w/o meds for long time until flare up about 8 mo ago, now taking Lyalda and not happy to do so. Colonoscopy showed inflammation all thru the colon with bengin polyps. recently I have had indigestion and was tested pos for H-Pylori, I have not taken the meds Dr recommended. I desperately want to get off Lyalda for good, so my question is have you seen UC people get of their meds after doing Gutthrive??

    • Hi Drofn, Glad to hear that you've found us and sorry for how long you've been suffering with a flare up. As you know, long-term use of NSAIDs can eventually do more harm than good so it will be good to get the inflammation under control holistically and then work with your doctor to titrate the dose of Lialda. I think you'll get a lot of traction within the first week of Gut Thrive on the inflammation and you should be able to achieve your goals with compliance and perhaps some tweaking as you see how your body responds. With UC, we usually recommend that our Gut Thrivers take the leaky formula earlier, in Step 1 and Step 2 so that the whole process is a bit more graceful and comfortable for them. So my long-winded answer is yes, we've had many GT5ers (and I've had many private clients) be able to safely titrate off their anti-inflammatory meds. Of course, we always like this to happen with your doctor's supervision so he/she can tract your progress. 🙂

  11. Hi Christa ,

    Thank you for sharing and spreading your knowledge about healing the gut !
    I live in Byron -bay , Australia and over the last 4 years i have been doing different tests with “The great plain laboratory Inc. ” in America ( my functional practitioner send it to the USA) like comprehensive stool test and analysis + Organic acid test , where i received the results and mostly the recurring issue is fungus and at times molds ..

    1.Aspergillus issue (could be food ,home gut or sinus)

    2. Candida issue

    Oxalates and tricarballye showing yeast issue is significant

    3.Significant Vit B2 deficiency

    4.Vitamin C insufficiency

    – Would i be able to send you all my medical tests and analysis so i can get a better assessment from you ( as oppose to the Questionnaire )??
    – What are your thoughts regarding sending your herbs and supplements to Australia ,the border custom policy is to radiate and X-ray most products especially supplements and medications ..wouldn't it affect the probiotic etc…? what about sourcing some of the herbs/supplements here in OZ..?

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Warmest regards


    • Hi Ronit,

      GT5's assessment is all thats needed to start the program. Jack Tips, PhD, CCN has created a cutting-edge, detailed assessment that he has run in tandem with clinical case studies (real live patients) for a full two years using before and after lab work as a marker to measure the efficacy of the assessment. After the launch of our last Gut Thrive where 3000 people took the assessment, we were able to further fine tune the assessment which means we can accurately slant your program to YOUR unique situation (viral, SIBO, FODMAPS, yeast and fungal infections, heavy metal toxicity, bacterial overgrowth, pancreatic deficiency, liver/gallbladder depletion, etc). This assessment should save you $1000-$2000 in expensive lab work, helping you identify a root cause and a viable starting point. Our assessment has been clinically tested and proven in over 2000 individuals and after fine-tuning it, we took a beta group of 100 through it to test it for accuracy. It measures 180 variables and takes into account both frequency and severity of symptoms and issues.

      USPS Priority International will be added to the cost of the Supplement Kit upon check-out but will NOT include any additional customs fees/duties imposed during shipping process. The purchaser of the Supplement Kit will be responsible for any additional fees. If customs is refused, a refund on the Kit will not be granted.

      If you want to try and source some local herbs and supplements we recommend that you collect the ingredient list of the products you're unable to get and take them to your local health store/practitioner to try to match the ingredients and dosages as closely as possible and based upon what's available in your country.

      If you haven't already registered, you can get all the details at: http://www.gutthrivein5.com.

      This program is still very possible with substitutions where necessary and we look forward to having you be part of the group!


      • Hey Ronit,
        Love Byron Bay! Just want to piggyback off of Stacey's reply to you. With Aspergillosis and Candida – you will likely get put into Plan F in Gut Thrive and then I'd suggest taking advantage of Jack's discounted 1/2 hour rate so you can meet with him, review your lab work, and customize after identifying the root cause of your Vitamin C and riboflavin deficiencies.

        In terms of the oxalate issue, you'll eat low oxalate and halve the greens recommendations, eating them mostly cooked. Jack might also like you to concurrently do a kidney replenishing protocol during this but overall the gut-kidney infection axis is very real when it comes to oxalates and so GT5 is a good base for healing that.

        It's been very easy for us to get our products into Australia these past few years and I'd suggest using them since they are such a huge part of executing the strategy – the downside of the irradiation of the package will not outweigh the efficacy of the supplements nor the potency of the probiotics which have been tested in many different scenarios.

        Hope this helps and maybe see you inside GT5!

    • Hi Diane,
      It's certainly helpful for anxiety and panic disorders and in Step 3, you'll have the option to take our “neurological track” to replenish neurotransmitters and calm, soothe, and repair the nervous system. Between that, healthier bacteria, extreme self care and mindset, and the elimination of your food sensitivities (extremely anxiety-provoking when they are proliferate) you should get some serious traction. Of course, there will also be other work involved especially if past trauma is present but we'll do our best to take you as far as we can with the tools inside Gut Thrive. Sorry for the anxiety and panic you are dealing with. I have certainly been there and can empathize with that as being one of the worst feelings ever. There is hope. Best, Christa

  12. Hi
    I'm a 33 year old female and have been experiencing excessive hair loss for the past two months, so much so that my hair has become very diffuse and you can see my scalp. This is very devastating for me and my hair loss is ongoing. I had a shedding period a year and a half ago and doctors said that it was because my hormone levels were abnormal as I hadn't had my mentsrual cycle for over 9-10 months beforehand. I've been diagnosed with a pituitary microandenomal of 7mm. I've lost a lot of hair and I used to be blessed with a lot of hair. I've suffered with constipation (on and off) for the past 7 years. I was wondering if you feel this is a suitable programe for me to embark?

    • Hey Farnaz, I'm sorry you're going through this – it's so hard for a woman to lose her hair, but don't give up hope. It could be heavy metal toxicity or Hashimoto's thyroiditis at the root of the hair loss. My suggestion to you is to begin the Gut Thrive program since it will help improve metal toxicity and thyroid function and then at the 10 week mark, get a blood test and urine test for heavy metal toxicity as well as thyroid antibody test to look for antibodies. Gut Thrive will be an excellent first base and foundational work but there will be further work to do after that. I would guess that you can turn this all around within 6 months time. Best of luck to you. Christa

  13. Hi,
    I've been having issues recently with hives covering my whole body. The first time it occurred was over 10 years ago, and after allergist tests and other blood work, it was determine to be from stress. I've had couple bouts intermittently over the years, only twice tho, until recently. I woke up every day for 1 week with hives all over my body. I did the usual switch detergents, soaps, lotions etc, with no relief. Benedryl would help some, but not eliminate completely. My physician prescribed me a steroid pack, and a month of zyrtec and tagamet- although my hives did resurface before my steroid pack was complete, just twice and mildly. During this, I obtained new bloodwork in which my ANA is elevated, so I am awaiting an appointment from a rheumatologist. However, my mom and sister have done this gut thrive in 5 program, and my mom sent me information on histamine intolerance, in which I have several symptoms (tachcardia, hives, occasional anxiety/chest pain, itching eyes and nose, stuffy/runny nose, irritability and headaches). I am not sure ANA levels have any correlation with histamine intolerance, but I do think this is part of my problem- I have cut out eating left overs, and am trying to stick to low histamine foods and have been hive free for a little over 2 weeks now. My question is, is this the program to try? And is there a different variation for histamine intolerance? Or would trying a different cleanse be best?

    • Hi Christine,
      When you get hives and a reaction like you have and also have elevated ANA levels, it's an indicator of a compromised immune system and the way that the gut thrive strategy seeks to re-establish the connection and intelligence of the immune system is where people get a difference in how they look (i.e. hives going away b/c the body no longer needs to develop that response) or how they feel (anxiety, heart palps, etc) because order is re-established. I think it would be a great first base to do gut thrive, especially if you come back with a rheumatoid condition as this is the first base to healing the whole body. A different cleanse might be a good short term fix but this is much more than a cleanse – it's a microbiome and immune rejuvenation program, which is what sets it apart and gives our participants lasting, life-changing results. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

  14. Would like to re-do program, saw presentation 3/1/16.

    However, not able to eat peas and dairy. Have issues with mast cells and histamine.

    Can I do the program?

    Would only need to purchase supplements.

    • You sure can, Dee. No need to eat peas or dairy as neither are in our program and GT5 can certainly help mitigate, if not eliminate histamine intolerance and mast cells. Sounds like you would really benefit from doing the program again.

  15. Hi Christa, Immediately after moving to this country as a teenager, I had to re-take all vaccinations, that and the climate change, was harsh on my body and my immune system so I got eczema. I went through a Candida cleanse several years later, the die off was rather harsh, my eczema spread to 50% of my body and I felt pretty weak. Afterwards though my eczema healed and I felt great, that unfortunately did not last long. I have been experiencing digestive problems and constipation for years, one doctor game me laxatives, the other one fiber. i finally changed my diet to include more natural fiber and just a healthier diet, but my stomach inflammation has gotten worse. Finally a Naturopath did some blood analysis and found chronic inflammation, low immune system, low iron, sluggish liver, pancreas not providing enzymes, and the list goes on. I honestly was looking forward to him just to say that I have candida overgrowth and just to treat it. I am so discouraged because I have been spending so much money on supplements and organic food, but my body is not absorbing any of it. He strongly believes that the culprit is food sensitivities and recommended a almost $1000 Alcat sensitivity test. I understand that sometimes blood tests can be wrong, so I am thinking of doing Gut thrive instead, but my question to you is, if I do have food sensitivities, will they come back? Should I do the Alcat test in addition to gut thrive? Can I do the Candida cleanse or do you recommend gut thrive instead? I am also concerned on loosing too much weight like I did the first time I did a Candida cleanse. This has a been a very frustrating and expensive journey. Thank you in advance for your response.

  16. Hi there,

    I have spent so much time, energy and money on trying to solve my gut issues that I am hesitant to take the plunge into yet another concept or regiment. But maybe I have no choice. I used to be 160 pounds and I am now around 128 and I have had no intention of losing weight. I have tested normal on most blood tests and have had endoscopy/colonoscopy/mid-section MRI with normal results. Doctors want me to swallow a camera capsule to look at midsection gut area.
    My issues are mostly gas-related although here and there I can sling shot from semi-lose stool to constipation. The main agreement of anybody I see – regular doctor or naturopath- is a BAD malabsorbtion issue. I have also had a sore throat for 8 months which doctors cannot figure out and I now suspect esophegeal thrush – Candida (I don't get rashes). I tested positive for SIBO with very high levels but then they said it's a false positive because I was supposed to stop all probiotic pills or food for 2 weeks beforehand. Can probiotics foul up a SIBO test?
    One fear that I have is that if I do this program I will lose even more weight. When friends and family see me they say, “are you ok? you don't look so good.” Ouch.

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  18. Fantastic webinar!
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  19. Hi Christa,

    I am interested in doing in Candida cleanse. I suspect I may have thyroid issue (although my primary doctor says my nothing shows on my blood tests), will that suppress healing at all? Also is there a sale coming up for the Candida cleanse?

    • Hey Silvia,
      Doing the Candida Cleanse will actually help your thyroid because when yeast and fungus is removed, you will be better able to convert thyroid hormones in the gut so it's an excellent thing to do for yourself. Our next sale begins on March 22nd. We will announce it via email. 🙂

  20. Hi Christa,
    I have been struggling with recurrent UTI's for a few years. Urine cultures confirmed EColi overgrowth every time and antibiotic was prescribed, the infection and symptoms would clear up, only to eventually come back, specially after sex (married for 16 yrs, same parter). These infections have never reached my kidneys, the symptoms were typically burning, urgency, very strong odor of urine and sometimes severe hematuria. At one point I had a course of antibiotic once a month for 6 months. About a year ago I visited a naturopath who prescribed a Candida diet, natural antimicrobials and probiotics. The UTI symptoms improved but haven't completely cleared up. This regimen has kept the infection at a grade were the symptoms are somewhat manageable, the odor is still strong (fishy) in the morning and I experience what I can only describe as bladder irritation/inflammation at times. I have other gut issues that I have dealt with all my life. 10 years ago I developed a very high sensitivity to gluten with a positive DNA test but did not confirm a Celiac diagnosis by a biopsy, in any case I do much better off gluten anyway. I have had H Pylory and ulcers in the past as well as acid reflux. I had Epstein Barr in my early 20's (Im currently 42). At the beginning of the anti candida regimen my gut issues improved but a couple of months into it they got worse. After lots of research I decided to follow a low FODMAP diet because it seemed to me that all the high fodmap's were the ones aggravating my symptoms (garlic, onion, apples) but there are quite a few low fodmap foods that I react to (tomatoes, all nightshades, squash, oranges). Since I started following the low FODMAP diet my gut seems to have started to settle, the reflux, bloat and general discomfort stopped almost immediately. The strong odor in my urine persist but typically only in the morning and clears up through out the day unless I get dehydrated. I am still taking probiotics and natural antimicrobials as well as a couple of other supplements.
    I am looking into purchasing one of your programs but I am not sure which one is right for me. Would I benefit from your Candida Cleanse or Gut Thrive5? Is Ecoli overgrowth attributed to SIBO or Candida? Thanks a lot! Andrea

    • Hi Andrea,
      I know what you've been through with such prolonged UTIs. So uncomfortable and sorry for that part of your journey. The best program for you is definitely Gut Thrive in 5 because it looks like you have a bacterial overgrowth in addition to the yeast/fungus in the way of SIBO (my guess given your success on a low FODMAPS diet) and H. pylori. The Gut Thrive assessment will get to the bottom of the heaviest pathogenic burden that allowed the others to ensue. My guess is you would end up in Plan S, but we'll see. As for the UTI's,they will get better on gut thrive but they might not go away entirely without additional support to the lining of the bladder concurrently. All in all, I think GT5 is a great path for you and I'd take advantage of our discounted 1/2 hour consult with Jack to have him customize your pathogen purge with a urinary tract/bladder addition so that you can clear everything all at once. Looking forward to helping you – you are in the right place! Best, Christa

  21. Hi , after looking into & missing out on last offer, wondering about when in March when the program start again. Very interested for my mom & self, Thank you, Cyn

    • Hey Cynthia 🙂
      You may enroll anytime as we don't have set start dates any longer. However our next sale begins March 22nd if you prefer to wait for that. Looking forward to having you and your mom in Gut Thrive! -Christa

    • Please go to twjcandidacleanse.com Bindu and watch the video there. It will give you all the information you need about cleansing from candida. Best, Christa

  22. Hello,
    I am very interested in this program, however, cost is a huge factor at this present time. I am in Canada and with the exchange, the enrolment and supplement kit will make this close to $2000.00. Do you have discount promo's run during the year at all? Thank you.

    • Hey Nadia, that is understandable. Yes, we have 3 sales a year. Our next sale will be mid-late March where you will get a discount off the cost of both the program and the supplements. As long as you are on our email list (twjnewsletter.com), you will get the notification for the sale. Look forward to working with you and helping you soon. Best, Christa

  23. Hi Christa. I had ulcerative colitis but in 2002 I had my entire large intestine and rectum removed through a surgery called J pouch. My small intestine was reconstructed to act like a large intestine. I have been doing well medically but I am always tired. I definitely feel like I have leaky gut and I have a lot of sensitivities to foods. I also feel like my skin has so much less elastin. I am only 44 years old but I feel like and look so much older. I eat very healthy and have always been passionate with nutrition and exercise. I am wondering if this program would be beneficial to me and/or if there are any limitations or variations I would need to implement. Thank you in advance for your time.

    • Hi Laurie,
      We've had a few people with a J pouch go through our Plan S with good success. The program will definitely help with the permeability which will of course help with the exhaustion, and your skin. We asked Jack your question and here is his response below. If you encounter any snafus as you go through the program, you can always do a mini consult with him to overcome them.

      J Pouch
      The small intestinal tissue is not the same as large intestinal tissue, but the body, over time seems to convert that reconstructed tissue to function more like a colon. It's not perfect and it does take time. Sort of a reversed Barrett's Esophagus situation where the esophagus becomes more like small intestinal tissue due to the onslaught of stomach acid and errant microbiota species. But because it's not the same, there can be difficulties with the innate immunological response (e.g. inflammation levels and cultivation of microbiota.) The small intestines are designed to support different species of microbiota. Thus as bowel species are supposed to work in the J Pouch, many people experience SIBO in the J Pouch because the tissue supports small intestinal species and the J Pouch creates the same problem as an open illeocecal valve, e.g. bowel bacteria in small intestinal environment. Thus gas, bloating, inflammation potential, sensitivity to pre- and pro-biotics, leaky gut, and motility dysfunction.

      Christa's GT5 program does offer some good assistance to J Pouch people and the best program for them is the Plan S. This does not mean there may be some challenges, but overall, the dietary improvement, the assistance in removing pathogen species, the introduction of beneficial species, the restitution of proper stomach acid, and the lowering of inflammation all promise stabilization and benefits. In the prior GT5 programs, I worked with two J Pouch people via email replies to their questions, and both reported improvements.

      Thus the program should provide most excellent benefits and help the overall G.I. functions of digestion, assimilation, and elimination; and provide an overall better level of health. Should a J Pouch person encounter any severe discomforts with the program, then it may not be the right time for that therapy, but I am optimistic for the GT5 program to be very helpful.

  24. hello! why do I need 7-10 hours each week to put into it? I HAVE HAD SIBO AND bad digestive stuff for about a year. I am in full-time school. What does this look like for the above hours

    • Hey Tasha, that's what we estimate to shop, cook, do the self-care techniques, watch the videos, and take your supplements. Depending on if you like to cook and the convenience factor, you can certainly cut it down some.

  25. This sounds like something i'd benefit from. I've tried everything and have only gotten worse over the years. Right now I cannot tolerate all of the 8 common allergens plus other foods, due to multiple food sensitivities (which is probably stemming from the candida/other issues) I have gut dysbiosis, autoimmune hashimotos thyroiditis, and low t3 thyroid. (that's all ive been diagnosed with- but i think i have candida and leaky gut too) I am just wondering what kind of support you have for individuals with a large amount of food intolerances and cant have nuts & seeds, eggs, etc. and cant tolerate things like sweet potatoes and such because of the candida? I would love to do your program but im afraid the diet isnt going to work for me. Thank you.

    • Hey Laura, I understand your plight and feel for you. I built the program for people like you and you will find you are certainly not alone. You will be fine with your food sensitivities on Gut Thrive. Once you get in and fill out the assessment, you'll know which Plan you fall into. Plan S is the most restrictive plan so that will always be an option. We give you lots of starch alternatives (if you can't handle sweet potatoes, you'll probably follow the eating plan from S) and the supplement plan from where the assessment places you. We use resistant starch and help you find which one works for you to keep your thyroid and adrenals fed without feeding the yeast or bacteria. I cannot recommend the program enough. We also have a 30-day money back guarantee in case that makes it feel less risky. Once you get in there and see what it's all about, I think you'll be thrilled that your found your pathway to healing your gut and thyroid. Best to you, Christa

  26. I already know that I have SIBO and I am fairly sure that I also have Candida. I've had some GI issues, but nothing alarming, BUT I have had increasing skin issues, fatigue, headaches, and chronic sinus infections. An MRI revealed a rare sphenoid sinus infection and that was my last round of antibiotics. I had a scope of my sinus after the course of antiobiotics and the ‘spot' in the sphenoid was still visible. (I am now highly suspicious that it is fungal and not bacterial at all). My history in short form is a lot of antibiotics as a child and 7 times within the past 2 years. I've had a lot of chronic stress. An elimination diet to try and figure out the skin issues uncovered a gluten intolerance. So I'm sure I have intestinal permeability and sought out a test for SIBO at National Jewish Hospital which was positive. All that info is to ask if the assessment that I would take at the outset of this program will allow me to cover SIBO, Candida, and any other fungal issues. I've done another assessment that put me in the Candida bracket, and I feel I need a more broad spectrum approach that targets all those areas and not just Candida, or not just SIBO. I hope that question makes sense. My Dr. Is wanting me to do the antibiotic approach and that makes no sense to me since antibiotics are a big part of what got me here in the first place. Thanks for your input. Carol

    • Hi Carol, I agree with you at this point that if you go the antibiotic route, you will just be creating a “super bug” resistance situation in your body and while you might temporarily feel better, it will do nothing for you long-term but give you more problems and clean up work to do. I am almost positive that when you take our assessment, you'll end up in our Plan S. While this stands for SIBO, all of our programs cover ALL things since we are turning over the entire genetic code of the gut. For example, SIBO and Candida are a team. Heavy metals comes with Candida and there is usually a protozoal infection that is responsible for either starting or perpetuating the SIBO gateway. Thus plan S covers all of these targeting the root pathogen the heaviest. You will be in extremely good hands. We've helped over 1000 folks with SIBO last year, ran a clinical on the toughest cases to look for neurological roots, and fine-tuned to a point of an excellent success rate. I hope you'll join us and get your health back. Blessings and best to you Carol. Christa

  27. Hi Christa,
    I just signed up for your candida cleanse last night, as I have been struggling for the last year after some trips to mexico from where I came back very sick. I have been dealing with awful heat in my face accompanied by and rashes,redness,flakyness, sensitivity,burning in my face and got diagnosed by a holistic dermatologist with rosacea and contact dermatitis due to candidiasis and leaky gut.
    Now I see that GT5 program and I wonder if it would not be more comprehensive fit for me. If you think so would it be possible to change from one to the other.

    I am going crazy please help me. I have been house bound for 6 months with this aweful pain,burning feeling in my face, even water hurts.

    Also I wanted to ask about taking L-glutamine to help repair gut while having candida. I was told by this holistic dermatologist (Alan M Dattner.MD ) that L-glutamine fed candida (therefore not to take it until being candida free. What is your opinion and experience.

    Thank you in advance, and god bless you for your help, I finally feel hopeful!

    • Hi Fabiana, It's no problem to switch and with all you are dealing with, I would suggest switching from our Candida Cleanse to Gut Thrive since it's more in depth. I've found that glutamine is usually no problem (if you don't have histamine intolerance) as long as you take it AFTER you purge the biofilms and considerably knock down the Candida and other pathogens. So glad you feel hopeful. You have every reason to feel that way. Happy New Year and may this one lead you to vibrant health! Best, Christa

  28. Question: Do your supplements have magnesium stearate, stearic acid or any stearates (e.g., calcium stearates) in them? Also, do they have other excipients?

    • Hi Lin, no to all the ingredients you asked about (as well as any excipients) except one product has calcium stearate and we have an alternative for that. Once you are in the program, you can download an ingredient list of each product and make your decisions before getting your supplements.

  29. Hello, I am a nearly 61 year old female. I've had “irritable bowel” sx off an on for most of my life, but it's not been to the degree of limiting my life. Within the last year I've had episodes of some fairly severe abdominal pain. It's short lived for which I am grateful. The biggest tell tail sign is the spreading skin irruptions that probably began a couple years ago and recently is spreading at an increasing rate. I've had high stress for years, antibiotics 7 times within the last 2 years for usually for sinus issues. Recently I was diagnosed with a sphenoid sinus infection (which is pretty rare at about 3% of the population gets infected here). I also discovered though en elimination diet that I am gluten intolerant. I began putting all this together and connected the dots – saw in integrative practitioner who confirmed that I of course have intestinal permeability/leaky gut, and just this week did have testing done at National Jewish Hospital confirming I have SIBO. I am so hesitant to do the antibiotic route that I know will be recommended from my Doctor – for all the reasons you outline in the webinar – so I am very interested in enrolling in your program. I would like to know if I will have lifetime access to the program. I will be committed – because I want very much to heal this up, protect my overall health and my brain, but I also know that I like to review, and review information, so I want to be able to access the information I've paid for long term.

    • Hello Carol – I am so incredibly happy that you found us after all you've been through and that you're not just going to stay on the antibiotic merry-go-round as you know that will only cause long-term trouble versus healing yourself once and for all. Yes, you have access for the life of the program so you can review it as much as you like / long-term. Commitment is honestly half the battle. We're having excellent success with SIBO and IBS so I know you've found the right place. Looking forward to seeing you inside the program. Best, Christa

    • Hi Carlene, I would assume so as long as you pass the program by your GP that you (or your son) should be fine. With a genetic issue such as this, I'd also like to see you take advantage a 1/2 hour private consult with Jack to customize the program for maximum success and grace throughout the process. Best, Christa

  30. If I have ordered Gut 5 Thrive do I also have to purchase the Healthy Shopping eCourse? Are programs like the healthy shopping course and healthy life handbook built into Gut 5 Thrive?

    • Hi Jena, you have your own healthy shopping lists, recipes, menus, and cookbook inside Gut Thrive specific to that program plus a 20-minute tour of the produce aisle so I would say you do not need the Healthy Shopping Course. However, there is survey at the end of GT5 where we give you the course for filling it out if you decide you do you want it toward the end of the program. Hope this helps and welcome to GT5!!! Wishing you a world of success on the program. Warmly, Christa

  31. WOW! Thank you so much for all the information you lay out in the webinar. As you know, there are lots of online leaky gut programs popping up out there on the internet and everyone says theirs is the best. I appreciate the research and groundwork information you provide to explain the “why” and the “how” to your program. I also appreciate the customized approach and being able to use it for the entire family.
    I have a dear sister who has become Type One Diabetic at 43 years old. My sister is not overweight and was diagnosed as hyperthyroid when she was 16. She has a very hard time with her blood sugar bottoming out and skyrocketing even though she wears an insulin pump. I know I have MTHFR mutations and I am sure she does too. Now at 48, her medical doctors are telling her that her stomach is not working and she is malnourished. I see my sister being like Nagasaki after we used the atom bomb in WWII.
    She has only seen regular medical doctors and chiropractors and the medical bills that she and her family face due to her polonged and continued illnesses are huge. She has tremendous support from her family and we are and willing to do whatever it takes to help her. Is this a program she can do as a type one diabetic? I am pretty sure that type one diabetes is not reversible, but we are searching for ways to help with the huge fluctuations in sugar and help with the other issues like Hashimotos, adrenal exhaustion, digestion, pain, and heart palpitations.
    All other programs do not address the type one diabetic and encourage her to talk to her medical doctors. I would rather she just see the medical doctor to adjust her insulin levels to work together with this type program as she pursues healing from the inside out. She is finally willing to try something other than conventional medicine, but I can't seem to find a program that she could use that would not cause her more pain until I researched your program and its gentleness. I hope this is something she could benefit from. We are willing and so is she to do the private consults with Dr. Tips if it would be part of the protocol for her as a diabetic.
    thank you in advance for your response.


    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes absolutely a Type 1 Diabetic can do this program and this will help tremendously with her gut bacteria to improve (but you are right might not reverse) her Diabetes – it is routinely supporting and reversing Hashimoto's and adrenal fatigue, the mineral balance in the body and cellular energy (heart palps) so by supporting the other body systems, the Type I Diabetes should improve. Then she can either work with Jack or a functional medicine doctor the rest of the way. Our program is designed to be gentle and powerful at the same time for those suffering with multiple dis-eases and conditions. Jack Tips has good experience with Type I as well so she will be in good hands.
      Hope this helps!

  32. Hi Christa,

    I had posted this previously and was hoping you could address it for me as nobody seems to understand why this would be happening. I did sign up for the program and am going to start in January.

    Could this be a sign of my digestive system not working properly or leaky gut……I’ve been using the collagen peptides and bone broth that I learned from you is so beneficial to my digestive system, but every time I start using them or drinking the broth consistently my hair seems to get all weird and sort of fuzzy and unmanageable (is the only way to explain it….almost static like, it’s weird) and when I stop the collagen and bone broth it goes away. Have you heard of anything like this before? Just wondering if it could be leaky gut or I’m not able to metabolize it properly. I’m so bummed because I know all the great benefits that come with those two products. I was hoping maybe this program could help clear this up as I really want to incorporate them into my diet long term. Help!

    I really appreciate it,


    • Hey Tonja, this is not something I've heard of before and the only thing that comes to mind is that you have some kind of intolerance due to not enough mucosal lining and lacking proper enzymes. There is an alternative to the broth fast and then you might try adding it after Step 3 and see if that stops happening.

  33. Hi Christa,

    I have been dealing with a variety of health issues, but the main underlying issues are Lyme disease and co infections and all the multi system issues that go with that ( CFS,viruses, fungus, Candida, heavy metals, parasites, leaky gut, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, mood issues, brain fog). How would this program work to address this? I actually have been disabled since 2010 due to the above issues. Of course I had tried to find the answers to increasing health issues for some time with no sucess with the mainstream medicine.

    I have gotten great gains with a doc that is a IM doc and environmentally aware and uses nutritional approaches;however, I am not satisfied with this improvement and hit a setback with a big life stress or last year that will continue to impact me to a degree. Exactly how do you approach this program with lyme disease. Would I go off of the lyme specific herbals at the beginning of this program or could I still use some of those herbals at the beginning steps? How many persons with lyme and coinfections have you work with? How does your program work to interrupt the quorum sensing and communication between the bugs?

    So since I have been in a severe health issues of disability since 2010 and really had increasing health issues, year after year since a tick bit at age 16 32 years ago, can you give me an idea of how long this 5 step process might take for me, so that I can be more realistic for my situation. The doctors all just gave me meds, one on top of another to address symptoms which of course only increased the problem. Finally my EI doc helped me to begin another approach and has had me on the membrane healing diet. My other friends with Lyme are very Leary of this program as it sounds too good to be true and of course is not inexpensive. Many persons with Lyme are looking for the magic bullet. So can you address these issues. How exactly do you interrupt quorum sensing as it would seem that doing that might be different depending on the different infections, bacteria, viruses, fungus….it would seem a one size fits all wouldn't really work because of this.

    Then how do you deal with the persons who have the MTHFR issues who will have difficulty detoxing the killing of pathogens and how does this program address this?

    Brenda K.

    • Hi Brenda, You are working with so much. I hope this program can help you find your way to health. To give you a realistic timeframe for healing, it takes about 1 month for every year you've been sick and since you have 32 years under your belt, you might need to continually work on your health for around 32 months. However, that does not mean at all that you can't expect to feel 30-50% better upon the completion of GT5 within 12 weeks. It just means you will have continual work to do and you will likely have to repeat the program 1 or even two more times throughout the course of the next year and a half to continue to add to that percentage. You could stay on your Lyme herbals for the first 3 weeks of the program, but after that they would need to be titrated to make space for our botanical process. We use a wide variety high quality, low dose botanicals strategically cycled to interrupt quorum sensing and to retrain the immune blueprint. With Lyme, you would follow our “highly sensitive” protocol and test out the formulas to see how you are responding so you can customize along the way. When you get into GT5, you'll see that you are able to customize it quite a bit to how you respond to each step. As you know with Lyme, it's all about the microbiome and immune system so we overturn the genetic code and that helps with co-infections tremendously without targeting them specifically. You have a long case history behind you so I would like to prepare you that you might need to take advantage of the 1/2 half discounted private consultations with Jack once or twice to help you individually as you go through the program. We include methyl donors in the program and boost the liver and open up the channels of elimination prior to the pathogen purge – all of which helps tremendously with MTHFR. Hope this helps. 🙂 Christa

  34. Great! We are in! My understanding is we need only to purchase 1 program for our household and then after filling out the questionnaire we will purchase two sets of supplements?

    Could this be a sign of my digestive system not working properly or leaky gut……I’ve been using the collagen peptides and bone broth that I learned from you is so beneficial to my digestive system, but every time I start using them or drinking the broth consistently my hair seems to get all weird and sort of fuzzy and unmanageable (is the only way to explain it….almost static like, it’s weird) and when I stop the collagen and bone broth it goes away. Have you heard of anything like this before? Just wondering if it could be leaky gut or I’m not able to metabolize it properly. I’m so bummed because I know all the great benefits that come with those two products. I was hoping maybe this program could help clear this up as I really want to incorporate them into my diet long term. Help!

    Thanks so much for your time,

  35. Hi Christa!

    I would like to sign up to begin the GT5, by midnight, but I am not sure I will tolerate the supplemets well that go along with this course. I have MTHFR and COMT issues, both have to do with lack of methylation and not ridding toxins. As you recall when we were working together, we knew I had MTHFR but had not yet discovered my COMT weakness. I am told COMT is like MTHFR on steriods. I am hopeing this course is right for me and that you and your team can help to heal my gut issues, but I am wondering about the supps. If I begin taking them and cannot tolerate them woud I be able to get a refund AND would this course still benefit me? Thank you so much for all of your work in this area, Christa. I will look forward to hearing from you. Warmly, Mary Kay

    • MaryKay, hi!!! You should be totally fine with our supplements as I built the program with people like you in mind. We've had many with MTHFR and other genetic mutations go through with flying colors and minimal detox symptoms. We include methyl donors in the path purge and I teach you inside the program how to customize it to you. For example, you will know within 2 days if you can start at the full pathogen purge dose or if you need to halve it to start. Also, keep in mind, we are building up the liver, adrenals, and thyroid the first 3 weeks while we slash inflammation and get the bowels flowing so you should be well prepped. Unfortunately once you open the supplements you will not be able to get a refund. I think I am familiar enough with your case from working with you privately to suggest that the program will work for you as long as you customize the doses and listen to your body along the way. Best to you and many blessings for the program to thoroughly heal your gut. 🙂 Warmly, Christa

  36. Thanks Christa for your answer. About the supplements, is it ok if I buy those here? You know, local brands as I don't have anyone in the UK.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Vero- You won't be able to find most of the supplements there in Spain as we make them special for Gut Thrive with a small company here in the U.S. There will be some formulas however that you can put together. Your best bet if you want to do the program, would be to book a half hour consult with Jack once you take the assessment and know which plan you belong in and he can help you find the right concentrations/doseages with what's available there. Hope that helps a little.

  37. Great! We are in! My understanding is we need only to purchase 1 program for our household and then after filling out the questionnaire we will purchase two sets of supplements?

    Could this be a sign of my digestive system not working properly or leaky gut……I've been using the collagen peptides and bone broth that I learned from you is so beneficial to my digestive system, but every time I start using them or drinking the broth consistently my hair seems to get all weird and sort of fuzzy and unmanageable (is the only way to explain it….almost static like, it's weird) and when I stop the collagen and bone broth it goes away. Have you heard of anything like this before? Just wondering if it could be leaky gut or I'm not able to metabolize it properly. I'm so bummed because I know all the great benefits that come with those two products. I was hoping maybe this program could help clear this up as I really want to incorporate them into my diet long term. Help!

    Thanks so much for your time,

  38. I have Crohn's disease and experienced great improvement (more than 50% reduction in colonic ulcerations) by adhering to the SCD Diet for 2 years. Then I started to get migraines; a bumpy, acne-like rash on my face; and I struggle with brain fog and exhaustion. Plus my bathroom frequency and grumbles and bloating went haywire. Functional doctor ran thyroid tests which show a conversion issue and I started taking Pure thyroid support. I tested negative for candida, positive for moderate SIBO (could have told you that – I am missing my ileocecal valve from a resection.) Anyway…after researching gut programs, I find myself frequently coming back to this one because I understand and believe in your approach. I could go for a total do-over on the microbiome as well as appropriate thyroid and adrenal support.

    However, I have read that natural remedies like: echinacea, pau d'arco and burdock can trigger Crohn's symptoms by increasing the autoimmune response. Could you breifly comment on your experience – if any – with using botanicals on Crohn's patients? I feel so “stuck” in the western medicine cycle of biologics, I feel there has to be another way but I am also cautious about triggering my disease. I see Dean's testimonial above, but I am specifically curious about Crohn's and botanicals. Finally – what does your team estimate the Gut Thrive supplements package to cost on the whole? Is there a somewhat round number you can throw out? Thank you +thank you so much for putting out so much content and commentary out in advance of the purchase of this program. I already feel smarter and more empowered.

    • Hi Brooke,
      I am super glad you've been following our gut health month and benefiting from it. That is wonderful news. I am not worried at all about the herbs/botanicals with Crohn's as we've had a ton of success with this condition because we start out with a prep week where we prepare the liver, then we go into two weeks of inflammation slashing to prime and build the body in Step 1 before the 4 week pathogen purge (which is Step 2) so by the time you get here, you get to customize the path purge dose specifically to what your body is ready for (some people with Crohn's start out with 1/2 the dose and do great. We add methyl donors to help your body detoxify better – this will help your skin too). It's okay to extend or even double the length of the purge if that's what works for your body.

      However, my one concern is your missing ileocecal valve. We have a ton of success with SIBO even though it's the hardest one to get under control BUT the ileocecal valve separates the colon from the small intestine and without having that gatekeeper there to keep the colonies separate, I worry you'll get it under control but then it will go back to the way it is without the “fence”. Believe it or not you are my first inquiry without an ileocecal valve so hang tight. I've sent this to Jack and will reply on that once I hear from him.

      For now, this sounds like your best bet to get all of those symptoms under control and to tune up your entire body – more coming on the structural component soon. 🙂 -Christa

      • Brooke- see Jack's very thorough reply below. Looks like GT5 is a win-win for you all around.

        From Jack Tips, CN PhD

        On one hand, Medicine says that there is no scientific evidence that the immune system can be strengthened with foods or herbs or medications.
        Then they say that herbs can strengthen the immune response and not to take them.

        The medical approach to Crohn's is to suppress the immune system so it does not attack the intestines. They have failed to account for WHY the immune system would do this in the first place. That would lead to “correcting the cause” and the person could be well again.

        The science of Epigenetics teaches us that the Central Dogma, while right, is not the only pathway the body employs. Epigenetics teaches us that even autoimmune disease can be turned off, by getting the cells and immune system to transcribe their metabolic activities so that better health is maintained. And thus we find the cases where the body stopped the disease on an individual basis due to biochemical and bioenergetic individuality.

        Inevitably a significant portion of the Cause is found in areas outside of the limited medical model, e.g. environmental factors, food-nutrients, alteration of the gut-microbiome from drugs/foods/chlorine/mercury/pesticides, etc, derangement of the immune system from adjuvants in vaccinations, etc.

        The WHY's are complex … genetic susceptibility, overreactive epigenetic expressions, severely allergenic foods such as hybridized grains, antibiotics that destroyed key components of the gut-microbiome, antibiotics that mutated the gut-microbiota, emotions that are held in the gut, etc.

        As Medicine begins to realize the value of herbs and that they fall outside of their model, they've gone on a witch hunt with all the same ignorance of the Salem Witch Trials.

        The Commission E Report cautioned that Echinaea pallida and augustofolia herb/root should not be used in systemic diseases such as tuberculosis, leukosis, collagenosis, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, HIV, and other autoimmune diseases baed on theoretical considerations and NOT on any reports of adverse findings.

        Other authoritative sources so not support such restrictions.

        Allergic reactions such as dermatitis may rarely occur in susceptible people, but the likelihood of allergic reaction is very low.

        Same for Pau d'Arco which only has a contraindication when used with anticoagulant drugs.

        Burdock, a source of antimicrobial berberine compounds does not bear contraindications except perhaps for people with ragweed allergies, or on high dose blood thinners.

        The autoimmune response is the beneficial immune response ‘gone too far' and causes collateral damage via inflammation and cross-reactivity/mimicry. So at what point is immune support helping the immune system finish the job so it can stand down, or could the immune system take umbrage with some factor of the herb?

        If an altered gut microbiota is raising the set-point of inflammation in the gut and throughout the body, then correcting the gut microbiota to something more akin to what Nature originally designed for that person (racial and familial genetics; cultural diet, immune-relations the microbial kingdoms), then that improvement would help overall. It may or may not be the sole cause of an autoimmune expression, but it certainly is a contributor to either good or bad health.

        Even without the ileocecal tissue, the intestines must establish motility and individualized microbiota colonies in different parts of the tract. So the body must make a new ecology. However, it needs the immune system to do this, and the immune system is being suppressed and altered by medications. So often there are supplements that can help, e.g. probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics depending on what works for the individual; foods and herbs that help the body with its normal antimicrobial processes (historically the human diet contained more living spices that served this purpose, e.g. basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic, etc. These botanicals impacted cellular epigenetic processes as well as helped the innate microbiota and the dual human immune systems function in balance.

        Thus, Crohn's is an imbalance seeking balance, not necessarily repression; though suppression of the immune system helps reduce the rate of damage over time. That's why it is errantly preached, “no known cause, no known cure” but the drugs can save lives and reduce the rate of localized damage.

        So, one could say, that for virtually any disease process, ‘first check the gut microbiome, e.g.all the species of microbes, and see how well they match up to the individual's genetics and fundamental blueprint of health. If there are too many pathogens, then help remove them. If there is a lack of biodiversity of probiotic species, then seek to improve that with prebiotics and recolonization efforts. Consider soil based organisms and sporing bacillus species as well as acidophilus and bifido species.

        What else? Makes sense to remove potential food-offenders and thus the body fares better on a non-hybridized, non-GMO, organic (non-pesticided, full soil nutrient) foods that present variety so the immune system does not become alarmed about any one set of molecules.

        And thus a person finds Christa' GT5 program where she teaches better foods; better diet; avoidance of offenders and embracing soothing; healing foods. Botanical assistance to help normalize and optimize the microbial populations, support of collateral systems (brain, liver); support of normal digestive processes; and a plan for returning to the fundamental foods that maintain optimal G.I. health.

        A person with Crohn's has unique challenges that factor into a recovery process:
        • Unique genetics
        • Unique epigenetic expressions that have become ‘de rigueur' or a new modus operandi – and thus needs a directive to change
        • Hyper-reactivity to foods (and possibly reactive to certain herbs, but if so, then there are other herbs that can help, e.g. if echinacea is aggravating, then maybe aloe is not and vice versa …. so indeed one person's meat is another person's poison.
        • Hyper-reactivity to microbial species (which can be on the skin or in the sinuses, not just in the gut)
        • Neurological patterns that resist change
        • Emotions that cause epigenetic changes
        • Other factors too numerous to mention

        So ultimately it's an individual process with many general processes that are carte blanche beneficial. An overview of a model that serves a person's unique reasons for health concerns is only found in a few sciences, and thus they are called ‘holistic': nutrition, homeopathy, herbology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and possibly in Chiropractic when that practitioner includes elements of the other holistic practices.

        A pathway for one with Crohn's is, in each step, find what helps and capitalize on it. Find what does not help and discard it. Forward momentum and time for the body to adjust to the next rung of the ladder will make each day better.

        Ultimately, the body itself holds the remedial process.

        • Thank you, Christa and Jack. I see now why you call it “The Whole Journey.” I am moved by your efforts to inform your buyers and your tailored approach to information even outside the gate. I am excited to begin my journey and I can't wait to document my changes.

          • It's our pleasure, Brooke and what we are here for. Please do let us know how you're doing along the way as our team is on the Gut Thrive forum regularly and we love hearing about and supporting your progress.

  39. Will this help SIBO? I have already tried treatments two times with my doctor. Once with herbs and the second time with rifaximin and I still have it. It is better, but not gone.

    Also, is it good for people to try this if they don't have a lot of symptoms but may want to do an overhaul on their system to make sure everything is healthy and working properly?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Yes Tonja, almost 1000 of our previous gut thrivers worked on SIBO in this program with varying degrees of success. We also ran a clinical trial with our SIBO group and have a much greater success rate than almost anything out there now with our brain-gut and gut-brain approach. It's great that you've already worked on it so hopefully GT5 will be the finishing work you need now.

      The answer to your second question is yes. This is a phenomenal tune up for the entire body and in a perfect world, people would do this before they get sick and once a year as a tune up and prevention. I'm doing it myself again in January. Take care, Tonja and hope to have the chance to help you inside GT5 – Christa

  40. Hi Christa,

    My husband and I are on the candida cleanse right now, 2 weeks in. We really want to participate in the Gut Thrive program after we finish. How long should we wait between programs? Is there anyway to purchase the program at the November discount after Christmas as to be able to better afford it? We would love to start after the first of the year.

    Thanks so much. Love all your stuff you do and have learned so much from you.

    • Thanks so much, Tonja. 🙂 You guys could either switch from the Candida Cleanse to Gut Thrive now or you can wait two months after you finish the Candida Cleanse to start Gut Thrive. You can reach out to our customer service team [email protected] for a payment plan option. Looking forward to having you both with us! – Christa

  41. Hi Christa, I have asthma, sibo and somehow managed to stop the diarrhea. How long is this program? I wanted to go to Japan in March, but I'm scared I could ruin my potential progress if I interrupted it. Also, I'm a bit confused about the supplements, I live in Spain, must I get those from the U.S.?
    Have you had any patient who's completely reversed Sibo?

    • Hi Vero – If you start GT5 in January, you should be completely fine and in a much better situation by the time you go to Japan in March. Spanish customs will not let our supplements in so if you want to do the program, you'll have to ship them to the UK or another European country closeby and hopefully someone there can send them to you. And yes, we'd MANY hundreds of folks who have reversed SIBO. Hope that helps! – Christa

  42. Hi Jena,
    I have privately worked with many people with UC with this strategy with great success and we've had MANY GT5ers with UC get glowing results without have to take meds continually so I have reason to believe you would be no different. When you slash the inflammation, you will really start to see what's possible. Stress is always another story- yes, your job and your hours sound emotionally taxing BUT we teach how to change your relationship to stress in GT5 so it doesn't kill your gut so if you are willing to show up for that piece, I am highly optimistic. I pulled this success story for you from Dean from our last group b/c I thought you might resonate with his story. Sounds like he was in worse shape than you and is doing phenomenally well – even now, 6 months later – life is totally different. Hope you join us 🙂

    “Over the past two decades, I have been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases, including celiac, Crohn’s and Hashimoto’s. I’ve had multiple surgeries and have been to over 40 doctors. I’ve tried every possible pill, potion and procedure and have studied thousands of hours searching for ways to heal my gut and autoimmune issues. This program brought great clarity, hope and understanding of what I needed to do to heal my gut and my body.The biggest difference by far has been the reduction in abdominal pain, and the frequency of going to the restroom. When I started the program I was in a flare and going to the restroom 15-20 times daily. Now I only go 1-3 times. My pH levels are much higher (and inflammation much lower) now. My brain seems to be working much better, and I feel much calmer. I believe I have set a foundation through this program to achieve great health, as I continue to incorporate all the wonderful things that I’ve learned in this program, and the WHY behind it. Mission #1 is fix the microbiome! Join this program. The science is mind blowing. The program gives you a great sense of control and true hope for real healing. I have said many times to my friends and family, “these people are my people”. They get me, they know me, and they are there for me…. It’s an honor to work with, and be taught by people who truly have dedicated their lives to helping people like me. This program is not fluff. It is foundational and has the power to redirect your health, IF you put in the work and are determined to better your life. The program quite literally could sell for 5 times what we paid, and it would be worth it. I have easily spent $100,000 over the past 20 years trying to regain my health. Gut Thrive is a small investment. What I learned and applied in this program dwarfs everything else I have ever learned and I truly mean that! Its new cutting edge stuff that I’m convinced is going to change the trajectory of health care. The Gut Thrive team is responsive, thorough and caring. And lastly, Christa who created this program is a gift from heaven. I have never experienced a more genuine, caring person. Her grasp of this information and how to implement it into our lives was so confirming to me that I had absolutely made the right choice. I am convinced that this program has set me up for a better future and greater health. If you have not felt well for a while, and have tried many things in the past with moderate to little success, I urge you to try Gut Thrive. You have to put in the work, but I promise you, what you will learn has the potential to change your life forever!

  43. Hi Christa,

    I listen to Balanced Bites podcast and heard about your program. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis recently. For months I was severely anemic due to the ulcers but recently that has stabilized due to daily medications (Mezavant). My specialist believes that I will have to be on this medication for life but I strongly believe that is not the end all and I can always do more to reverse this chronic condition. I still suffer from a lot of symptoms described in your videos. Have other clients utilized this program for ulcerative colitis? If so, are you able to provide me outcomes/stories or your thoughts?

    I am also an Emergency Medical Dispatch Supervisor in Canada, Manitoba. Relatively a high stress job that I believe has contributed this this condition. Do you see the location being a problem to do this due to supplements? Pure Encapsulations are available in my community and I have taken some in the past. Also I work 12 hour shifts, 2 days and 2 nights – I fear that will make doing any program like this difficult. Do you foresee any limitations? I am used to challenges lately 😉

    Thanks a bunch. I am pretty excited and will continue looking into Gut Thrive to see if this is something I can do!

  44. Hi Christa,

    I'm currently on your Candida Cleanse for about a week now but I would also love to do this one with my husband when I'm finished. Would it be possible to get the discount after November at all since I don't have the finances do purchase at the moment till Jan 2016 but would love to do this program also? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth, oh good for you on the Candida Cleanse. You'll want to give your body at least 6-8 weeks in between that and Gut Thrive. How wonderful your husband is doing it with you! Please email our customer service team so they can flag your name for January/February to give you the discount. We're happy to do that. [email protected]
      Best to you on the cleanse! Christa 🙂

  45. Hi there,

    Would love to sign up for the program and I saw in the FAQs that you can pay by installments through PayPal? How do you go about this?

  46. I sure hope so, Tammy. It certainly should be and we've had people use their HSA card before (and lots of people did in private practice as well). Maybe call them and check.

    • Absolutley Tammy. We have a Vegan/Vegetarian Dietary considerations document for whichever plan you end up in. This will enable you to manipulate the meal plans toward veganism and work around the animal products. We also have vegan supplements – only there will be 3 products with animal products in them from the supplement kit that you will have to give away/not use and order 3 replacements for instead. Links are provided inside the program.

    • Hi Sara,
      The program, if you can get him to eat according to the diet would be great for him. The rest of the answer is, it depends. Can you get him to be faithful to supplements? If so, then I would definitely do it and set him up for longterm success BUT you should know that under 12 years of age, we require you to do a 1/2 consult with Jack Tips to customize his supplements (to a lower dose) and that consult is discount to $125 for GT5ers. This is to ensure the safety of little ones and to make sure they don't experience die off, which would make them not want to continue. If you can set up your little guys microbiome now, you have no idea how much that will contribute to his health in his adult life. I wish I had this when I was young. 🙂

  47. I know you can't give an exact number but can you give me an idea of about how much I can expect to spend on supplements throughout the program? Just so I can plan my budget accordingly? Also if I can convince my husband to do the program with me can we share the same program or buy two programs at a discounted cost by chance? Thanks!

    • Hi Carrie, I think I have some good news for you. GT5 is one login per household so you and your husband can purchase one program and both do it. 🙂 I so hope he can do it with you as it's more fun when you're partner is on board!

      Our supplement packages (1 package per person for the entirety of GT5) are between $469-489 but we are offering 25% now through 12/15 if you get in and order by then (even if you don't plan to do the program until the New Year). Then there are some transition supplements for $229 at the end of GT5 to get you through a strategic terraforming phase (so after you weed, till the soil, and plant new flowers so to speak, these supplements help the flowers grow since terraforming is all about creating sustainability and inherent long-term strength in the GI tract). You should not need to be on supplements after that because your body will be able to manufacture most of what you need and extract more from your food.

    • Hi Carol,
      Having “bad parasites” is exactly what we are here to help with so no need to do a parasite cleanse as GT5 will take care of it. I'm sure you will end up on Plan P once you get inside the program and fill out the assessment. Then you can follow along and I teach you how to customize specific to YOU and what you're experiencing for each step. You will know if you need to extend your parasite purge or if you've gotten them out. Happy to have you with us! 🙂 Christa

  48. Hi Lorraine. It's so great you accept insurance. We've had many, many functional medicine practitioners, NDs, MDs, DCs, and health coaches go through Gut Thrive to learn how to practice in this way. While our materials and protocols are all currently copywritten and cannot be reproduced, you would learn enough to be more effective and then could purchase the program/protocols when we have that available for professionals in about a year. For now as far as auditing, it's not something we offer, but do hope you join for your own edification and benefit. Will let you know if we come up with a discounted option for practitioners!

  49. Hi Christa, I have a private practice in functional diagnostic nutrition. I am seeing increased numbers of clients who have gut bacteria/yeast. I am interested in your program, to benchmark my protocols, as I work my clients through the steps of healing their gut. Do you offer the program to professionals? or can I use all 4 of your protocols to work with different clients? I know you are considering a professional version – I would be happy to serve as a previewer, by going through your current program with my clients. As I have switched my practice from conventional to functional, I have had to limit my clients to accommodate increased studies. And to get more efficient with this approach. Any discount you could offer, again in exchange for a professional editor!, would be appreciated. You can “meet” me at http://www.yourdietitian.com

  50. Hi Sabiha, you can do everything BUT the pathogen purge (well, a very amended path purge) until you've been breastfeeding for 9 months to a year. OR Jack can customize the protocol to you if you're willing to work with him for a 1/2 hour.

    • Hi, I've seen that you can do the whole thing at either 9+ months nursing or 14+ months nursing. I'd love to begin but am not quite at the 14 month mark. Do i need to wait or is 9 months also ok?

  51. Hi Christa, I am a 36 year old women and I have suffered with “problems” (not sure if it's candida, sibo, parasites, etc..) for at least 20 years. I was told 10 years ago by a naturopathic doctor that he thought I had Candida by my symptoms and by looking in my ears. I tried to follow a Candida diet but I never felt any better. I have tried many cleanses as well over the years. I have watched every video that you have made on youtube and I have felt the exact same way that you explain you did as a teen, (and still do until this day) low energy, fatigue, always cold, brain fog, moody. The only way I know how to describe how I remember feeling as a teen is “yucky”. I found out when I was 19 that I had hypothyroidism, and was put on Synthroid. I have been on it ever since and have never felt any different. I started developing digestive problems on top of this in my mid twenties. I also suffered with Chronic TMJ and feeling lethargic a lot. I became highly sensitive to smells. Cleaners and paint can put me in bed for days. Food allergies are crazy, I don't know what to eat anymore. I am always bloated. severely moody and depressed. Sometimes I think I am going crazy, and I feel borderline bi-polor. I have also been put on many anti-depressants over the years, pain meds, sleeping pills etc. I have also taken my fair share of anti-biotics over the years. At this point I have stopped all synthetic drugs other than my thyroid pill. I have been to every doctor in the kingdom and I can never seem to find the answers. I sometimes feel I am a hypochondriac and I'm sure family and friends think I am as well! I can barely get one foot in front of the other most days and I lost interest in doing anything long ago. I also have a 16 year old son with Asperger's, who feels the same way. I believe he has the same thing! I am a single mother and I cannot afford to do your program so I have been trying to pick up tips from your video's. I have started eating better again, grass fed meat, veggies, nuts. Cut out dairy. I have started on some diamataceous earth and benonite clay in the a.m. I have been drinking Pau D'iarco tea and taking a few other anti fungals throughout the day. I have also started taking milk thistle and chlorella. I have started doing coffee colonic's on myself. I bought activated charcoal from the health food store, but not sure how much or when to take it. I am probably not doing this in the order that you would recommend. I guess my question to you would be, if there is anything you could recommend to me over anything what would it be? Like I said, I am unable to do this program at this time. Thanks….Jill

    • Hi Jill,
      My heart goes out to you as you have suffered greatly. It sounds to me like the perfect storm, mixed with chemical toxicity and likely heavy metal toxicity (which is why the candida cleansing didn't help per se) and like you might want to get checked for genetic mutations that prevent proper detoxification. This being said, oh my goodness would you benefit tremendously from Gut Thrive. I'm sure there is a bacterial issue with SIBO from what you wrote here but of course I cannot and do not “diagnose” via the web. Berberine is helpful for that for short spurts and that could be coupled with our candida cleanse. I hope you are on our e-newsletter as I'm sending out a 50% off code for our tribe for our online candida cleanse. Please do make sure to get on the scholarship list for GT5 as we'll be giving away 5 full scholarships to the program including supplements in the New Year, likely in February. Hope this helps a little. Sending lots of prayers your way and hope you know that this can absolutely be turned around and you and your son can enjoy good health once addressed by the root and executed. My best to you.

  52. Hi Kasual20. 50 years is so long to suffer and I'm sorry to hear of that journey. Happy to hear you've had success with the program but it seems like your plan needs to shift slightly now to our Plan P with added Tai Rai Chi for the fungus. You have access to GT5 for the life of the program so you do not need to purchase the program again, which is great. In terms of supplements, we've got a special offering JUST for our existing GT5ers. Make sure you open those emails from me and email our customer service team at [email protected] to get the scoop on how you can do this more affordably. I think you'll be pleased in what we're offering you guys. You may be a case for a 30-minute consult with Jack to do a different approach of boosting the liver and kidneys and adrenals and thyroid again prior to the big purge. Also check for heavy metals allowing the candida to continue to proliferate. Make sure to read tomorrow's blog about parasites as well. We must get them OUT of you!

  53. Hi Christa

    I did both the Candida Cleanse (April to August 2015 and the Gut Thrive 5 ( Aug still taking biotanicals) programs. I have a bioresonace device so I can see exactly what parasites I have and recently my Candida started to come back in a big way. I have 10 different kinds of Candida for your information. I am having a really hard time getting rid of the worms (Hookworm, roundworn, ringworm, strongyloides, acaries) and some other fungals, Opisthorhis Felineus (fluke) Lamblia Intestinalis (protozoa). These are very persistant. I am rotating the biotanicals and following the diet plan. Been on the program for almost 8 months now. I have to tell you that I have probably had a very weak immune system for 50 years and did not know it although I felt not right and very tired for those 50 years. I thought that was normal. I have followed an anti candida diet which is stricter than yours since 2011, I have had a lot of success with the program but would like to end the Candida infestation if possible. I would like to buy more supplements but to pay full price again is getting expensive and I dont plan on paying again to join the new groupe. Will you be offering those of us that want to continue, a discount too on the supplements?

  54. I'd like to purchase your program while you have the discount but I have pneumonia and know I will not be able to start the program till this clears up. What does the 15 day activity of your money back guarantee mean? If I don't start it then you'll cancel my purchase?

    • Hey Nancy, you are welcome to do the program any time it suits you. Our 15 day guarantee means you have 15 days to get in there and explore the program and if you don't like it, we'll refund you no questions asked. The second 15 days, because we created this program to truly change lives, it becomes an action takers guarantee and we'll need you tell us the action you took prior to granting the refund. If you'd like to extend your guarantee since you won't be doing the program until you are out of the woods, just email our customer service team at [email protected] and they can take care of you considering the circumstances. I sincerely hope you kick the pneumonia and feel better soon! Looking forward to having you in our Gut Thrive family.

  55. Hi… I'm interested for various reasons but what about applying to my little boy who has eczema flare ups that are severe a couple of times a year??? just wondering if you recommend different supplements for children in the plan?

    • Hi Tiffany, it would be great for you to do this with your little boy and only cook one set of meals. NOW is the time to heal his eczema and his immune so you are thinking correct. If he is under age 12 then you will need to have Jack Tips, our CCN and PhD guest practitioner in the program send you supplements and dosages for your little one. You can do this within the context of a discounted 30 minute consult with him ($125) he provides for situations such as these.

  56. Hi Christa, I live in Trinidad which is located in the Caribbean. I'm really interested in your program and I love what you're doing! Will this program work for me despite my location?

    • Thanks Michael! Should not be a problem to have you with us from Trinidad and lucky you to live in such a beautiful place. We've got Gut Thrivers from all around the planet and we give them lots of ways to work with their local cuisine and produce. Just check in with our customer support team at [email protected] to see if they can ship supplements to you. You'll want to make sure that you don't have any restrictions there and if you do, many GT5ers will have someone from the states bring them their packages. Hope to see you in there!

  57. Hi Christa,
    I know I have SIBO and mild/moderate candida–urine and breath tests. My main symptoms are weight gain, hair loss, and insomnia. The thing is, I've gone through anti-microbial protocols at least three times (GI Synergy, Lauricidin, etc.) Still have SIBO and candida. Do you think that your program will work better for me?

    • Yes I do have high hopes it will work for you, Kathleen because our approach is so different than any other. As I mentioned in the webinar, we've had almost 1000+ others in your situation who have tried many, many other antimicrobial and anti-fungal protocols before GT5. They helped a little but didn't touch the long-term resolution – this is the entirety of what we aim to do with GT5. With SIBO and Candida, I can't imagine you finding “better hands” to conquer it than our process and team at GT5. Plus you've already “primed” your system by doing some on the problem to chase down the errant bacterial species so you've got a head start. 😉

  58. Hi Chista — i did the candida cleanse but got really sick with die-off so like the idea of the more gentle approach and targeting quorum sensing. Just wondering if you could provide more information about this? What do you use to target quorum sensing?


    • Hi Steph, yes if you got too much die off from the Candida Cleanse, then GT5 is the better approach for you. We use a variety of botanicals synergistically all in low doses (unlike the candida cleanse 16-day rotation of only 4 botanicals) to interrupt quorum sensing so the dose does that but the botanical variation will resonate will everyone genetically differently and contribute in it's own way that way. An off the cuff list includes black wild carrot (amazing genetically and very gentle), pau d'arco, bilberry, echinacea, oregano oil, lavender oil, milk thistle, shiitake, bilberry, bentonite clay, hydrollyics, proteolytics, wormwood, raspberry, oregon grape…the list goes on. We have a full list of every ingredient in every supplement you can check out once you are enrolled in GT5 before you order the supplements and we have a full suggestion list of replacements if any one or few herb/botanical doesn't work for you. Hope that helps!

  59. Hi Jeannette, your micbrobiology sounds off particularly in your gut, skin and lung microbiomes. Eczema to the extreme that you have it is connected to pathogenic microorganisms pushing out through the skin. Once you cut inflammation, clean up the terrain, knock down the bad species and add in good species, you should start to get things turned around. With whole body eczema, you'll get results within the first 10 weeks on Gut Thrive, but the 4-6 month terraforming period after is where you should start to see real traction on things shifting. As we get your thyroid hormones converting better (in the gut), and you are able to manufacture your own vitamins again from your gut bacteria, you should see a nice positive shift in your hair. Best to you

  60. Hi Jackie! Well this could go either way. If you have a long history of antibiotics and know that candida is the vast majority of your problem, then you can go ahead and redo the Candida Cleanse at full throttle, knowing it addresses leaky gut as well. IF you think there are any other pathogens along with the candida, then I'd suggest Gut Thrive in 5. It is a much more comprehensive program in everything that it addresses beyond Candida. Hope that helps you make your decision and good luck!

  61. 66 yr old chronic asthma and whole body exzema constipation, super dry elephnt skin, weepy exzema very miserable but seen so many people over the years kinda fed up , hair thinning allergic to so much it feels….at present mostly 3 green smooties no dairy no wheat now very skinny never getting out very paranoid

  62. Christa,
    I realize this questions was addressed in a different format on the Q&A, but I want to ask it in a slightly different way:

    If I am confident I have candida, and I have purchased your candida program (but didn't stay on long enough to combat it), should I invest in this new program or just try the candida one for the full 10 weeks?

    I also know I have leaky gut based on food in my stools, but that can also be helped in the anti-candida program. I am open to whatever you suggest.

    Thank you,
    Jackie Schroeder

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