The Gut Thrive Overview Webinar

In this webinar, we cover the following:

  1. Details on Getting Started
  2. Gut Microbiome Overview Presentation

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NOTE: This webinar is a replay from the 2015 LIVE Gut Thrive program, so
please disregard any references to specific dates for ordering products and other specific or time-sensitive information which may not relevant. Also note that some modifications to the materials and program that may be referenced in the webinars have already been incorporated, so do please check your program materials before submitting a question based upon the webinar discussions.


For those of you that may want or require further customization of your Gut Thrive Plan, Christa and our resident Gut Thrive practitioner Jack Tips, PhD, CCN both offer 30-minute consults. Christa and Jack can help with things that require individual attention beyond the scope of what is provided within Gut Thrive. Jack teaches this strategy of microbiome rejuvenation to doctors all over the world and is intimately familiar with all parts of our Gut Thrive process. In either case, you will not have to go through a full health history, nor submit lab work, but rather have a "quickie" consult explaining your situation and they will help you tweak and refine your program.

Note: You can continue to work with Christa or Jack beyond just one consultation and that may be a recommendation if you have a more serious condition or multiple health conditions.

To book a session with Christa, click here.

More info on Jack and how to book a session with him:

Jack has agreed to offer ½ hour consults at a discounted rate to be mindful of the expense you've already invested.

To schedule a 30-minute consult with Jack Tips, PhD, CCN, please call his office at 512-328-3996 or send an email to [email protected].