3-Part Educational Video Series

Video 1: Understanding Pathogens

In this video, you'll learn:

  • What are pathogens and why does everyone have them?
  • The important role pathogens play
  • How to eliminate the disease state from the diet and the body
  • How to stop pathogens from beating the immune system
  • How good bacteria can be driven to become bad bacteria
  • How pathogens are driving your CRAVINGS

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Can't wait to begin the program with all of you on June 12th πŸ™‚


55 responses to “Video 1 Understanding Pathogens”

  1. I must be a geek too…I so enjoyed this video and felt like I learned so much more of the why! It helps to understand…I can't wait to start!

  2. I just wanted to express a huge thank-you to Christa and Dr. Jack, and to say hello to all of my fellow Gut-Thrivers! For the first time in a long time, I don't feel so alone in my struggles, and am grateful for the community of support! I am feeling empowered and encouraged by the wealth of information provided in this first video alone, and am looking forward to what is ahead on this healing journey! While we are all faced with our own unique set of health challenges, I am quite sure that many of us can relate to the feeling of hopelessness and the fear that one may never be able to get better. It is for this reason that I commend all of my fellow Gut-Thrivers for choosing to participate in this program…. You made a brave decision! You are brave because getting better is hard work and comes with it's own set of challenges. I can personally attest to feeling a bit scared and overwhelmed with thoughts of… “Can I do this?”… “Will this work for me, when everything else has failed?”… “As sick as I am, will I have the physical and mental energy to adhere to the protocols, learn the information, and fully participate and benefit from the program?” At the end of the day, I chose to put my questions and fears aside and to join the program with all of you. I chose to take a leap of faith and try, because my fear of remaining sick and never getting better is greater than my fear of trying at this and not succeeding. I decided that I have nothing to lose, and that I am worth a try and so are you! I recently heard the quote: “You don't have to be great to try. But you do have to try, if you hope to be great.” So let us all give this a try together…. WE ARE WORTH IT…. And we can be great!!

  3. Oh my gosh I loved the simple language and analogies used here. Im ready to sort my bad guys and good guys out! Its time to create a new chapter in my life and rewrite my story so I can thrive. I recognize the emotional stressors in my life as a piece of the puzzle and Im currently increasing my involvement in new communities. This is going to be very exciting. Thank you Christa.

  4. Thanks so much, Christa and Jack. This is just the paradigm shift we need in a world where we seem to see nothing but war all around us — against EMFs, against the GreedPharm industry that seems determined to make us live a kind of half-life while they suck up all our hard-earned wages, against the Food Safety moguls who want to see all our food irradiated and in plastic. This warlike attitude has to be turned around first in ourselves, and I'm so looking forward to getting to know these wonderful little beings who live inside us and make our lives possible.

  5. Great, ground-breaking information Christa. Thank you for being so passionate about this i know that it's going to help after many years of inflammation and trying many wildly variant remedies. This seems like the right course.. Already trying some of your recipes as well!

  6. Hi Christa,
    Very interesting. Didn't know that the good could be made bad. And hope we find ever a way to turn things arround, make the bad good.
    Hope that there are enough supplements to join with my girlfriend we both suffer.
    All the best,

    • There are enough supplements for both you and your girlfriend Gilmar. Yes this is incredible that we have such a clear understanding of how bacteria behave and “bad guys” can turn good and vice versa. It never stops amazing me!

  7. I'd love some visuals to go along with these ideas. Having trouble picturing it all. Thank you though. Great info πŸ™‚

  8. Love it! I so love the way you address the whole person and thier own larger Biome… Like including their relationships, how we receive nourishment, how we care for ourselves, etc. Its the big picture, after 25 years with auto-immune challenges, I'm finally willing to look at more than supplements, food, and exercise. I realize it takes a good, deep look at how I've come to function, or dis-function in addition to the nuts and bolts of diet, lifestyle, etc. Thank you for this!

    • Loved reading this, Jeni. Yes, addressing the whole person is key to truly healing and I am so happy you're at a point where you're willing to look at that. There's no mistake that you were led to GT5. I hope it's a phenomenal experience for you.

  9. Great video. I am excited to get started. Thyroid disease has knocked me down so many times in my life despite consistently eating clean and taking good care of my body. I truly believe the root cause is something gut related. I have done the Candida protocol with a naturopath and do feel better, overall (more good days than bad now) but I refuse to let go of the hope I can regain the level of health I once had and say goodbye to the “bad days.”

    • Keep the faith, Brenda. I'm excited to hear of your progress in GT5. You are well set up after the work you've already done. Now let's get to mostly good days as your next step.

  10. Finally, a solution that's not going to cause more pain and suffering than we already have. I've been patiently waiting for a program like this because I've seen my fellow Lyme friends suffer more whenever they try to “kill” the bacteria. Makes sense now and thank you Jack and Christa.

  11. Love the section about how stress affects our microbiota and how love and connect aid in the healing process. That was my biggest “ahah” moment. Can't wait to get started.

  12. Thank you so much for that video. I have listened to and read through all of the information you have given and I never get tired of learning. I truly find it all very fascinating and I can see how passionate you are about what you are doing. I am so thankful that you want to share this information and even when I think I know about the topic, I continue to learn more each time. It's definitely getting me excited to start the program.

    • Awesome, Amber. Glad you are “catching the bug” of being passionate about this too. It's incredibly interesting. Excited to have you start…just one week away. We are all busy putting the finishing touches on the program. πŸ™‚

  13. I've watched this video twice now. So much to take in, it all makes sense. Love it! I've been waiting eagerly to start the program πŸ™‚

  14. Fascinating. I keep watching related topics to help it all sink in. I can't believe a virus could be within a bacteria!

  15. Great information, looking forward to getting started and improving my health.

    Best Regards,

  16. Thank you, Christa and Dr. Jack! That was great information. I'm looking forward to the program and some good gut healing! πŸ™‚

  17. I liked this video a lot, and was glad to see the emotional/relationship side of things addressed. I'm looking forward to learning even more and excited to start the program.

  18. Hi Christa,
    It wasn't clear to me in this video as to how pathogens drive my cravings. Can you explain this further?
    Also there was no link to the pdf that you mentioned would be 20 pages – a list of pathogens and a list of botanicals?
    Also there was no link for a TED talk that you want us to listen to.

  19. I loved this video. It's helping me “let go” of my fear that I won't understand a thing or that I won't be able to adhere to whatever is necessary to get healthy. At the same time, I can't live this way any longer. I'm worn out from coping and my life is getting smaller and smaller due to the chronic fatigue. I especially appreciate being compassionate to the “bugs”. Twenty years ago I was treated for adrenal fatigue and Candida. I went through the process of killing off the Candida and it felt worst than the condition itself. I recognize that I'm experiencing all the same symptoms again.

  20. Great start. Thanks Dr Jack and Christa. Completely understand the principal of stimulating my immune system to keep balance in the gut by using diet, botanicals and thoughts. Love the holistic approach.

  21. Great video! Looking forward to learning more. Hoping the link for the Ted talk will be provided (I was listening through my phone in the car)

  22. Looking forward to learning and healing. Where do I find the info on the pathogens that you referred to?

  23. I am so looking forward to dig into the program and very curious to learn what bug is ruling in my gut that has resulted into Graves' Disease, which was treated via RAI (the doctor told me I would die if the Graves' was not addressed immediately)…I was so weak from the Graves' and scared into the RAI…
    Today I deeply regret that day, but I cannot go back and I would like to prevent the development of any other autoimmune conditions, possibly through this program. I have seen natural healers who have stated that living thyroid tissue remains and I would like to maintain the good health of the tissue. Also have gained weight in my menopause years that I am forever struggling to lose. Menopause is no joke.

    Looking forward to more….see you soon!!! :)))

    prabha mary

  24. Just wondering, about how pathogens are driving cravings? Would be nice to know how to control cravings during the 10 week program and then for good.

  25. Great video! I think I understood everything you two discussed so thank you for breaking it down for us “laymen”.
    I do not see the attachments you mentioned in the video. Did I miss something?
    I'm looking forward to GT5.

  26. Good Information as always. Nice to meet Jack as well, really leaves a feeling of kindness and comfort behind while imparting such intelligence and empowerment to us little people, the same as Christa does.
    Thank you.

    • Welcome to GT5, Kay! Yes, Jack is a very kind man and I think you will really enjoy having him as one of your clinical guides on the program. Thank you very much for those kind words. Excited to have you with us. πŸ™‚

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