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Video 1: Understanding Pathogens

In this video, you'll learn:

  • What are pathogens and why does everyone have them?
  • The important role pathogens play
  • How to eliminate the disease state from the diet and the body
  • How to stop pathogens from beating the immune system
  • How good bacteria can be driven to become bad bacteria
  • How pathogens are driving your CRAVINGS

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47 responses to “Video 1”

  1. Love the video! Would love to know if there has been any work on resolving a 15 year laxative (Senna) addiction and restarting peristalsis movement again.

    • Yes there has, Lynn. It will take some time to train your body to do it on it's own again, but by rejuvenating the microbiome and adding back life and addressing the gut-brain and brain-gut connection, we've had good success with this kind of inveterate constipation.

  2. One of not known area of infection is mouth chronic infection periodontitis with pathogen parasites affecting 60% of adult population, we believe particularly significant in thyroid problem. So, make sure to cure your gum inflammation.
    Ask your dentist microscopic examination of gum sulcus biofilm.
    Or ask your dentist to be trained on this matter.
    Dr Bonner

  3. For Lavonne, Dominic D'Agostino of University of South Florida has done extensive research on seizures, starting with resolving the problem of Navy Seal divers getting seizures and he found the solution through diet. Amazing research that has helped epilepsy:

  4. Yes i also would love to get access to that pdf that you were talking about! Is it free or do you have to pay for it?

  5. Thank you for your video. Can you tell me if GT5 would help for sluggish gallbladder issues? Also would GT5 help for seizures?? thanks

    • Hello Lavonne,
      GT5 will help the gallbladder for sure, but it is not directed toward seizures -however, the rejuvenation of the gut often tremendously helps the neurological process so I would assume you would get good traction there (indirectly).

  6. Enjoyed the presentation. I have come across a few other resources that I'm exploring as well – all associated with Professor Rob Knight. He has an interesting TED talk, there's The American Gut project, and they have a free course on Coursera called “Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome”

  7. I am not a physician nor any health provider but I wish you would put the bar much higher than that – very good students at elementary schools know all that not to mention average students in secondary level of education. How feather low should we go?

  8. Hi Christa loved the videos lm in Australia and work away from home 28 days at a time my wife stays home we would both like to do the program how would you suggest er do it to be most cost effective cheers. Wayne

    • Hi Wayne! Wonderful. We seem to have quite the Gut Thrive tribe building in Australia. You and your wife may share one login (since you're away from each other, you'll just have to login at separate times) and then you can both order a supplement kit after you fill out your assessment and know which plan you fall into. Look forward to having you in the program!

  9. In the above video it stated that there was a link to a chart for pathogens under the video. I do not see it.

  10. I agree that pathogens and especially parasites are responsible for over 90% of diseases, especially when our bodies are full of chemicals. Remember that you cant be a clean fish in a dirty bowl as Dr Bob says.

  11. Thank you for the presentation. I have one question: Why is there almost 100% recurrence rate within 1 year of eradication of SIBO either by antibiotic method (Rifaximin) or by herbal remedies? Do you address that problem in your program?

    • Hi Dila!
      SIBO is a hard one to kill but we are figuring it out. We're almost finished with a clinical looking for neurological roots to SIBO and having good traction. Our Gut Thrive success rate for SIBO should be much higher this time around after taking so many people through this last time. We close the ileocecal valve to keep the microbiomes separate, do salt water flushes to keep everything moving DOWN, stimulate the vagus nerve with neuro-activation exercises, extend the path purge and wait a long time before re-seeding and adding fiber. Plus our meal plans and supplement plans have been revamped and are HIGHLY effective. I think GT5 is worth a shot for you.

  12. Thank you for the details on Pathogens. I am trying to reverse my diabetes and heal my gut. I did not see the PDF file you mentioned at the bottom.

    • Hi Becky,
      That PDF is actually inside our Gut Thrive in Five program that begins on June 12th. We had MANY Diabetes reversals after people have gone through out process. Usually with diabetes, you have too many firmicutes (sugar producing bacteria) and we need to starve them and turn over the entire terrain in there. Check it out at

  13. So relevant to our needs today – how to remove a parasite without using antibiotic
    I want to know how to do that?? Thanks Beth

  14. Very interesting and relevant as my nutritional doctor is today considering putting my husband and I on strong antibiotic to deal with a parasite – Blastocystis species parasite. We are retired and on limited income so hesitant to enrol for Gut thrive program but it makes a lot of sense.
    I have been GF and DF and largely sugar free for sometime. My husband will battle to stop the sugar though.

    Many thanks


    • We have blasto covered Beth inside GT5. You can do one login per household (only one fee) and take the assessment multiple times. I'd HIGHLY suggest your husband do our program over taking an antibiotic which could cause repercussions down the road. He will likely end up on Plan P for both parasites and protozoa. You can do paypal payment plans to make it more workable for you financially.

  15. Thank you Christa! I went through your candida cleans for 7 weeks and my pH was still off. In your material you suggested that this might be a parasite. I was able to find an integrative medicine doctor in San Antonio, TX (not easy) and she tested me for a parasite. Low and behold I did have one and it has been reeking havoc on my body. So this episode was very helpful. My husband thinks I'm a hypocondract so this message gives me some ammo to put back on him. We are fighting my parasite (a protozoa) herbally and I really hope it works. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Keep up the awesome work and getting the word out people are starting to listen and you are changing and saving lives!!

  16. WOW…I've been following Christa and her work for a while now but have never participated in the video series. This was JAMMED PACKED with so much information that resonated with me. Thank you Christa and Dr. Jack for all your contributions to a healthier planet and a healthier YOU!

  17. Where is the PDF you referred to with the symptoms, botanicals etc. It was not below as you said on the video. Would love to have access to that. Good info

  18. I wish there were more physicians on board with treating naturally first, then pharmaceutically. I have an inflammatory bowel disease and have never been given any diet recommendations. It's very frustrating and I suffer because of it. Loved the video! Thanks for being a light in a very dark night.

    • Thanks Cassidy. I'm sorry you're experiencing a dark night, but know the sun always comes back out. You sound like a prime candidate for Gut Thrive in 5. I would consider the program as it has reversed IBD in MANY folks. Here's where to find more info:

      Blessings on your healing journey.
      Christa 🙂

  19. Thanks so much for this! Lots of insight. Would it be possible for you Christa to share the 20 pathogen pdf with us. Thanks much.

  20. Always love your information Christa and love the way Dr Jack gives information! In easy memorable quotes!
    Thanks very much and please keep the information coming!

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