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Video 2: Antibiotics vs Probiotics
What, When, and How?

In this video, you'll learn:

  • When antibiotics are appropriate
  • How to create a “take charge” immune system
  • How to allow your genetics to decide what’s best for you
  • What to do if you MUST take antibiotics (to offset their damage)
  • 5 of the most powerful, effective botanicals you should stock in your medicine cabinet

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23 responses to “Video 2”

  1. Really appreciated the Dr's explicit & informative explanation. I probably need to listen again to really start to take it in effectively, but it truly put it together better than many @ the “leaky gut summit” did, so… thanks very much.

    • Hey Maria, so glad you enjoyed the explanation and that it can pull the pieces together for you. There's so many missing pieces in a lot of information out there and we are glad to be able to explain them all in a strategic fashion. Best to you, Christa

  2. Thank you so much. Both of you are so good at what you do. Very helpful. Love it no complaints.

  3. You mention black carrot root and other botanicals that you use. What about the patients that are severely limited in what they can take due to food allergies/intolerances? Are you always able to find enough botanicals to work? Is there testing that can help find what my body would prefer as far as botanicals? I get so exhausted with trying foods/supplents and having reactions.

  4. Excellent discussion and information, giving not only the science but real practical advice for people to rejuvenate their microbiome so that it can rejuvenate you.Taking the holisitc view is so imporant. In this “quick fix” world, we tend to look for ONE magic bullet. The gut thrive programme deals with the process of helping the gut function most effectively. First take out the problem foods, then heal the gut, then re-seed with as many different bacterial probiotic strains as possible and feed them well. A wonderful journey to vibrant health – all coming from nurturing your microbiome.

  5. Excellent production quality. Appreciated the explanation of the action of Zonulin. Didn't get that clear of an explanation in the Gluten Summit. Supporting the point about people gaining weight by smelling a donut, Rob Knight's lab demonstrated with mice that they could make skinny mice fat by transplanting microbiome from the fat mice, and they also showed they could make fat mice skinny by transplanting microbiome from skinny mice. Very exciting research. I've been trying to follow The Wahls Protocol and see some improvements with my MS, but it seems like this program could help as well. Is there any type of payment plan option?

  6. I am really enjoying this video series! So much good info! Some of it was stuff I already used but didn't realize the benefits of and some of it is new to me.

  7. Thanks for this vital information, I have had gut problems for 13 years now, it started with acidosis, which invites all the bad guys. This information is very helpful to me. Most I haven't even heard before. Thanks again.

  8. I love it!I wish I could find a functional medicine doctor in my area(Winnetka,Ca.)This video presentation with Dr. Jack Pits encouraged me to continue taking fermented foods.I have just started learning to make homemade ferments but had concern with too much salt in the preparation as I have hypertension, but maybe taking it by spoonfuls will not hurt.I really want to improve my immune system as I've been through so many damaging effects of conventional way of treatment especially wit over prescription of antibiotics whe i was in my 20's , and lots of radiation exposures from radiation therapy for early breast cancer in my 50's and from my dental works now in my 60's.This presentation also reminded me to be vigilant in remembering to take my probiotics regularly and stay away from junk food and from gluten.I would like to thank you so much and everyone involved in this free program.God bless you and for the endeavor to help and educate us in how to improve our health.

  9. Very smart man and you too Christine of course. This topic is so complex and we are just starting to scratch the surface. I have symptoms of SIBO and leaky gut, so I am very interested in this topic. I see people every day with digestive problems and they don't even know that this is where most of their health problems come from. We need to address this to build our immune system and reduce systemic inflammation. I am very thrilled about this topic because I am studying to become a holistic health coach and I will just add one thing here and it is that emotions also play an enormous role. These things are all intertwined. If we can address one aspect, we affect all the other ones, so hence many ways to approach health concerns. Thank you!

  10. Fascinating! Can't wait to do the program! However, I give birth next month and plan to breastfeed for a year. Is this a program that can be done while nursing? Or is it best to wait a year?

  11. Dr. Jack Tipps, What a great program!
    You simply put it all together.

    Question, can you have to many probiotics flooding the intestines? What happens to the surplus?

  12. Dr. Tips, your video was so powerful, I thought I knew a lot, but you have shown me how much more there is to know. I am 77 yrs. old, I have no ailments, eat a clean diet, go to the gym three times a week, and now I can improve my health by what I have learned from your video. Thank you so much.

  13. A very informative talk by Dr, Jack Tips – I will listen to this many times as he
    is so knowledgeable on the Gut Microbiome and its importance to maintaining good .

  14. I thought 40 minutes was way too long for the amount of information given. Perhaps I just one who likes to get to the bottom line faster than others. Otherwise Jack does a great job of disseminating information. Thanks!

  15. Almost too scientific to understand. Need Christa to restate some of the answers in bring it down to my level .i.e. name top 5 fibers or firmicutes get sugar from lettuce. May be I'll listen to it again later and say oh yeah I get it now.

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