3-Part Educational Video Series

Video 2: Antibiotics vs Probiotics
What, When, and How?

In this video, you'll learn:

  • When antibiotics are appropriate
  • How to create a “take charge” immune system
  • How to allow your genetics to decide what’s best for you
  • What to do if you MUST take antibiotics (to offset their damage)
  • 5 of the most powerful, effective botanicals you should stock in your medicine cabinet

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9 responses to “Video 2 Antibiotics vs Probiotics”

  1. You both are a gold mine of useful info. I learn each time I hear you both speak and I thought I knew a lot before. Thanks for sharing all your information to help so many of us in desparate need of useful health information. For me I needed not only the natural herbs needed to deal with the gut issues but also a comprehensive method to treat my gut that is lacking in the conventional methods of treatment.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  2. Interesting on the psyllium which after a while does seem to be unhelpful.
    Glad to know about Lomatium as another anti-microbial option.


  3. What a wonerful presentation again. I just had to use antibiotics once and wish I knew about combining with probiotics just than. I use homemade sauerkraut often but wonder if cooking of that harms the benefit of the cultures.

  4. My level of hope is increasing.I was afraid that I would never again be able to have some of the foods that are presently causing me major problems,i.e., yogurt.

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