Welcome To The Gut Thrive in 5 Practitioner Training Program!

Welcome To The Gut Thrive in 5 Practitioner Training Program!

Welcome to Gut Thrive In 5 Practitioner Training Program! We're so happy that you're here. You have joined an elite and exclusive group of individuals who will be administering what are likely the most powerful gut healing protocols available today. What you learn in the GT5 Practitioner Training Program will help you be exponentially more effective in your practice. 

From this page, you can quickly access the modules and lessons that are part of this program. Begin with the “Program Overview” module to understand how to navigate the portal and then move on to “Getting Started” where the program begins. Be sure to look at the Action Steps on each Lesson Page for specific guidance. The videos in each section are to be used as a training for you and a template for how to explain the program to your clients and patients. The copy underneath each video speaks directly to you, the practitioner to help you learn how to administer the course. 

You’ll also want to bookmark and save the dates from the GT5 Practitioner Training Calendar where we’ll post GT5 Practitioner Training webinars, program module release dates, the Business Training Webinars, and other events to help you develop and hone an entirely new and powerful skill set to change people’s lives with this work.

Enjoy the journey!

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