Lesson 7: Training Webinar - Step 2, Part 2 - Supporting The Purge

We covered a lot, including your approach to your case studies so please watch the replay if you could not be there live.

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View The Webinar Replay From An Attendee's Perspective: 

Things we discussed and links:

  • Holistic Recovery from COVID (this is a working blog post - we have not published this yet, so it’s for your eyes only) 
  • Black stools
  • Variations on the bone broth fast and Kroma dehydrated bone broth 
  • Neurosensory Activation Techniques
  • What to do with those who won’t transition from caffeine/sugar 
  • Circadian Rhythm 
  • Co-administering the parasite protocol and H. Pylori protocol with other household members 
  • A positive spin on health coaching
  • Spices, swap outs, creating sovereignty from within, homeopathic protocol for surgery 
  • And so much more