Quarterly GT5-P Subscription Webinars / Sessions

We are so excited to be able to provide LIVE support for you, our GT5 Practitioners and are so looking forward to connecting again, regularly, in REAL time!

We feel this is going to be a wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn and grow together in a way that allows you to consistently evolve your gut health knowledge as life changes and science advances.

About the GT5-P Subscription Webinars / Sessions

The GT5-P Subscription Webinars / Sessions are offered quarterly and are straight up Q&A so you can ask us anything to help you execute the program better with your clients / patients.

Christa and your favorite, brilliant, Jack Tips will help you figure out how to customize the GT5 program and make refinements to get the results you desire as your clients' / patients' gut health evolves.

You cannot find this kind of cutting edge support with any other online program!

To get the most out of the webinar / session:

1. Have your questions ready ahead of time.
2. Have a pen/pencil and blank paper handy to take notes.
3. Free up your computer resources as much as possible. Close all applications, browser tabs, etc.
4. Wear earbuds to minimize audio feedback between your speakers and your microphone.
5. Avoid distractions and background noise while you’re on-air, mute your phone, Skype, email and close the door.
6. Use Chrome if possible.

Can’t make the LIVE webinar / session?

If you can’t make the LIVE Webinar / Session, don’t worry, we’ll email you a replay the following day, as well as upload the recording to the corresponding year's page for easy viewing:

Webinar / Session Schedules & Replay Videos:

2022 Webinars

2023 Sessions