Training Webinar - Kick Off Webinar

Nicole and I loved kicking off this exciting new program with you all yesterday! 

You are now ambassadors of world healing.

We’ve got all kinds of practitioners, including doctors, nurses, health coaches, nutritionists, FDNers, acupuncturists, naturopaths, a colon hydrotherapist, an ayurvedic practitioner, and more. 

Make sure to get into the community so you can start interacting with each other as well as with our inaugural group, which will give you both connection and confidence! 

And how special is it that we’ve come together from all parts of the United States and the world? Florida, Kansas, California, Texas, Georgia, Oregon, Virginia, Minnesota… Portugal, UK, Nigeria, Australia, Mexico, Canada, & Argentina - to name a few!

IMPORTANT: Make sure to watch the replay if you were not there live, because we toured the portal and explained how to do your initial intake and case studies and answered many questions about the approach that you need to understand in order to effectively execute.

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View The Webinar Replay From An Attendee's Perspective:


1: Watch all videos and read all handouts included in the Program Overview Module and the Getting Started Section. Please also read the terms and conditions of the program. This will take you 4 hours to complete. 

2: Take the assessment yourself so you know what it entails and know what Plan you would fall into. Many of you are doing this to use yourself as an additional case study anyhow. This will take you 30 minutes to complete. 

3: Download the Intake Form and Put your logo on it. Please note: we are currently reformatting it and will have a new, cleaner copy up in the portal in a few days. 

4: Meet with your case studies. Have your initial intake with them and schedule your second meeting to get them into the Getting Started materials. 

5: Get familiar with your editable PDF Case Study Template. 

6: Secure Liability Insurance: if you haven’t already - please get your professional, general, and product (if you plan to sell supplements in your practice after the program ends. Send us a copy of each, once you have them. Here are great ones we like. 

It’s an honor and privilege to help you spread this work. Can’t wait to see you again for Step 1!