Welcome to the Bonuses & Updated Research page!

Christa and Jack get together periodically to film new clinical information for you. Dr. Tom O’Bryan is a leading gut and immune specialist and shares his information here as well. We’ll be adding to this section over time as we come across or create new content we feel can help you advance your clinical practice. 

Please take a detailed look at the handouts included here as they are valuable to you and your clients, helping with anything from the basics of getting gluten out of their diet, to testing and balancing their pH, to mental health and the microbiome and how to homeopathically prepare for and recover faster from surgery. 

This section also includes detailed thyroid healing protocols from Christa and Jack and leading thyroid specialist, Izabella Wentz, PharmD. You can attempt to concurrently help your client or patient heal their thyroid or focus on this after they complete their microbiome work as at that point enormous gut and immunological burdens will be lifted and the thyroid and adrenal glands will be ripe for rapid healing and optimization.

The Gut, Skin, and Oral Microbiome Connection with Jack Tips

Dr. Jack Tips discusses how the skin and mouth microbiomes are connected to the gut. Christa and Dr. Tips offer suggestions on ways to improve mouth, tooth, gum and skin health. For individuals who are still struggling with bloating and constipation after Gut Thrive, Dr. Tips offers some additional advice.

Dr. Tom's Perspective on Gut Healing

Dr. Tom O'Bryan gives his perspective on gut healing.  Christa and Dr. O'Bryan dive into the realm of optimal digestion and Dr. Tom discusses his thoughts on zinc, colostrum, and how to safeguard yourself from unwanted gluten exposure in this video.