Theresa Rose presents 47-year-old Female Case Study - Presenting with IBS-D, SIBO, Nausea, Vomiting, Fungal Parasites, Food Sensitivities, Brain Fog.

Tammy Garrison presents 43-year-old Female Case Study session with H. Pylori, history of stomach ulcers, headaches, and HPA Axis dysfunction.

Tracy Goss, a natural health practitioner, presents a successful case, Plan F and then repeating with Plan S.

Participant: 43-year-old female, 149 lbs using Rx drugs for Anxiousness, Menstrual Migraines, and Pain. Doing emotional work with another practitioner.

Presenting with: Post Covid, Jaw pain (cracked dental crown), late-night eater, and carbohydrate cravings.

Chief complaint: Bloating, and occasional stomach pain. Also seeking to improve emotional and hormonal balance.

Tracy was able to guide the participant through temporary set-backs, pre-menstrual symptoms and discouragement/emotional issues into a shining example of success including much improvement in bloating, her weight returning back to desired level, much improvement in menstrual migraines, improved menstrual cycle, less anxiousness, and better energy. During the program had dental work — dead tooth pulled and other work. Tracy adapted the program to the Participant’s life occurrences supporting with additional supplements.

Shannon Rusnak (a Pilates, Yoga, and Ayurvedic practitioner with a focus on emotional health, first experienced important results GT5 and now pays it forward to help others) presents a 49-year-old Female Psychologist who is Single,128 lbs. 5'5” with emotional issues and a closed personality, not wanting to divulge personal information.

PRESENTING: Loneliness, Depression, Anger Issues, Exhaustion, History of Breast Cancer (Chemo in 2019), Bloating, Gas, Emotional Eater, Restricted diet/sensitivities, Hormone imbalances. Parents had dementia and ALS. Worry regarding cancer metastasis.

As case unfolded, Shannon uncovered that the Participant would equivocate… Yes, I’m vegan, No, I’m not vegan … making it difficult to refine the strategy.  Shannon would relate information from her own life to help the Participant understand that she was not alone, and that it was safe to communicate.  Shannon persevered to maintain conversation despite Participant's reluctance.

Participant would attempt to smuggle in other foods and claim doing the program when she was skipping portions. Shannon provided steady support and care to help the Participant succeed, despite the Participants proclivities to not quite do the program precisely.

SUCCESSES: Energy much better, became more communicative, starting to resolve loneliness and meet people. Emotions more stabile. Some anger issues resolved.

Chelsie Ward presents 39-year-old Female Case Study - Presenting with Parasites, Immune Dysfunction, and Severe Food Sensitivities.

Katalin Kokavecz presents 43-year-old Female Case Study, 5’5”, 132 lbs. Presenting History: Stomach pains as a child, Hashimoto’s, Asthma, Respiratory allergies, Bronchitis, Deep grief, SIBO (hydrogen tested, methane unknown), H-pylori, Endolimax nana, parasites in Ukraine, H-pylori Epstein Barr, Menstrual bloating. Current G.I. symptoms include: G.I. symptoms include: Indigestion, Craves sweets, Loose stools, Bloating, Gassy. Other conditions include: Never well since Intestinal flu. Perfectionistic. Workaholic tendencies. Via Katalin’s implementation of the GT5 program she reveals how Plan P was the perfect program to address the deeper cause of her recurring health issues. The GT5 Program brought up old memories that impacted her present-day health. Katalin connects the emotional state to her gut issues and helps resolve via the holistic model and supported the case with emotional support.

Reshelle Connelly presents 50-year-old Female Case Study - Presenting with Yeast Overgrowth, Inflammation, Rosacea, and Raynaud's syndrome.

Lindsay Pennington presents 78-year-old Female Case Study - Presenting with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, GERD, Rapid weight loss, COPD, Hernia, and Food Sensitivities.

Yvonne King presents 70-year-old Female Case Study - Presenting with Chronic sinus infections, Cough, Spine issues, Heart issues, Depression, Sleep issues, and Asthma.

Monica Kuebler presents 31-year-old Female Case Study - Presenting with Heartburn, Reflux, Bloating after every meal, Food sensitivities (soy, nuts), Skin rash, Anxiety, High stress (sales), Hashimoto's, Dental Cavities, Epstein Barr, HPV, Chronic Fatigue

Lareesa Pope presents 61-year-old Female Case Study - Presenting with SIBO, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Severe Food Allergies.

Jess Williams presents 38-year-old Female Case Study - Presenting with chronic migraines, severe gas and bloating, possible SIFO/SIBO, low energy, and weight issues.

Connie Rutlegde presents 57-year-old, 5”2”, 116 lbs. Female Case Study - Presenting with difficulty losing weight, brain fatigue, sweet craving, chronic blepharitis, stiff joints, low self confidence, mood swings, elevated cholesterol, and bloating.

Janell Yule presents 55-year-old, 165 lbs, Female Case Study - Presenting with difficulty falling asleep, irregular menses, emotional eating, chronic sinus infections, allergies, anxiety, acne, eczema, and bloating.

Dr. Susan-Erika Argeres presents 52-year-old, 242 lbs, Male Case Study - Presenting with Metabolic syndrome (glucose 155, triglycerides 324, A1C 6.9, elevated cholesterol), threshold diabetic, with rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tinnitus, tendonitis, and poor memory.

Bridget Becker presents 40-year-old Female Case Study with inveterate constipation (laxative dependency, much straining, requiring pressure assistance) with history of trauma, anal fissures, SIBO, and history of insomnia, double mastectomy, adult acne, and energy drops.  Bridget demonstrates how incorporating the Gut-Thrive program into a holistic health practice goes hand in hand with the practitioner’s strengths and ability to adapt the GT5 strategy for profound outcomes.

Catherine Garay presents a mid-40’s Female Case Study with gas, bloating, heart palpitations, skin eruptions (flares of acne when taking probiotics, bouts of psoriasis), and chronic constipation that alternates with diarrhea who wanted to repeat the program with personal guidance. Encountered excruciating episodes of abdominal pain linked with emotional issues of feeling that she is always the problem, and that life is hard to swallow. Catherine shares this case from a Psychologist’s perspective how thoughts and emotions are interrelated with gut health.

Marion Ramos presents a 51-year-old Female Case Study with digestive issues (gas, bloating), food sensitivities, chronic constipation, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, depression, anxiety, and migraines.

Naomi Bemis presents a 30-year-old Female Case Study presenting with IBS, ADHD, brain fog, insomnia, and perfectionism.

Mary Colvard presents 64-year-old Female Case Study, MD, ObGyn, Graduated Harvard. 166 lbs. Had multiple cancers. Chemo port put directly into abdomen. High doses Rx antibiotics, High doses steroids. Developed Carpal tunnel, Neuropathy. Then esophageal cancer with 4 rounds of chemo and radiation. Then small cell Lung cancer. Weight gain, insomnia, bloating, arthritis, fibromyalgia. Contracted giardia in Haiti. Developed ulcers in medical school. Herniated discs. Bronchitis. Lives near power lines and high EMF’s and smart meters, many WIFI signals. Became clear of cancer, started GT5 for SIBO, to lose weight, resolve bloating, insomnia, joint pain, constipation. Unable to perspire. After GT5, still has some bloating and excess weight (not unexpectedly). Now having two BM’s/day, able to perspire, and taking new steps to restore and improve overall health.

Anna Roberts presents 46-year-old Female Case Study with MS, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Vitiligo, high viral load, and chronic fatigue.

Heather Titus, an Acupuncturist, NAET practitioner presents 31-year-old, Female vegetarian Case Study with symptoms of food sensitivities, salt-craving, allergies, histamine reactions, poor memory, dental carries, neck and shoulder stiffness, gas, abdominal cramping, and revealed emotional issues of guilt, shame, and anxiety with bouts of difficulty in breathing. Historically: recurrent shingles, recurrent strep infections, overweight, and several yeast infections each year. Lifestyle included marijuana, magic mushrooms, and alcohol. Came to GT5 to make positive changes.

Jessica DeHaven presents a 40-year-old female case study with Stage 3 HPA Axis dysfunction, migraines, depression, anxiety, and inability to gain and maintain weight.

Angie Salazar presents a 49-year-old Male Case Study with sugar addiction, digestive issues (bloating, abdominal distension), severe environmental allergies, joint pain, and toenail fungus.

Dani Conway, Functional Nutritionist, presents a Female ( 5’ 3.75”, 218 lbs.) Case Study wanting to improve weight and energy, and lower her thyroid medication dosages. Client presented with not having enough energy to work out, hypothyroid (on Rx), poor complexion, joint pain, elevated cholesterol, and history of many infections. Here, Dani shows how to back-track, repeat, and extend Phases and facets of Phases (broth fasts) to address the many, individual variables including Herx reactions (headaches, fatigue, loose stools) for optimal outcomes.

Taylor Lockwood, Natural Health Practitioner, presents a 35-year old Female Case Study presenting with eczema since 3 yr. old formerly solved with natural health methods, but now has digestive issues – stomach cramps, overweight. Stress in marriage before COVID, and now more stress with husband home. Active, burns candle at both ends. Anxiety, moodiness, night sweats, waking 3:00a.m., headaches, constipation, dry/itchy skin, memory issues, gassy, bloating, hormone issues, dental issues. Hx. Ovarian cyst removed. Uses enemas to have bowel movements. Implemented many basic diet and lifestyle improvements. Many improvements during program including: gas, bloating, constipation, itchy skin.

Sharon Muse presents a 51-year-old female case study with acid reflux, bloating, depression, subclinical hypothyroidism, and a history of disordered eating.

Amy Blackburn-Dreyer presents female case study featuring a retired teacher, gained 15-lbs during quarantine which greatly increased her stress with her turning to junk food. Weight 149, but ideal is 135. Got Covid in March, 2020. Thyroid removed 7/2020. Trouble losing weight. History of binging/purging issues—hospitalized. Former gymnast. Constipation (tiny pellets) coupled with uncontrolled instances. Sleep issues, put on Rx Trazodone. TMJ (Transmandibular Jaw Syndrome). Was on BC pill for 5 years. Hx: many UTI's. Osteoarthritis in fingers. Mastectomy, Hysterectomy. Rx. For anxiety and depression. Tinnitus. Chief Complaints: Mental & Emotional Health concerns. Feeling 'loss of her identity" due to quarantine. Shy, vulnerable, and feeling lost.


  • Constipation much better after dietary and supplemental enhancements. 
  • Even after Phase One, started to "come out of her shell."
  • Blisters on fingers improved.
  • Joint pain improved.
  • Sleep improved.
  • Better digestion. Became able to eat healthy starches without former difficulty.
  • Reduced Trazodone by 50%
  • No more TMJ. 
  • Gaining better self-confidence.

A fine example of the holistic model beneficially impacting a person's body, mind, spirit.

Christa Quinby presents a 45-year-old female case study on a PPI for 17 years, bloating, gas, chronic insomnia, GERD, anxiety.

Amy Deakins presents a 50-year-old female with persistent weight gain, insulin resistance, rosacea, insomnia, chronic constipation, and endometriosis.

Haley Bicknell-Smith presents a 37-year-old female case study with anxiety, chronic stress, chronic sleep issues, gas, bloating.

Cori Kish presents a 29-year-old female with infertility, weight issues, anxiety, digestive issues (bloating, gas).

Dr. Nicole Pierce, Naturopathic Physician, presents a Guatemalan woman presenting with anxiety following a root canal, lost too much weight, poor sleep, allergies, and many worries. Patient is a perfectionist, and experiencing brain fog (as if too much alcohol). Requires coffee to have a bowel movement. Recurring urinary tract infections, especially if doing a cleansing program. Rx antibiotics twice a year.

Goals: Less bloating, more energy, banish brain fog, not have UTI's.

During the program, the patient developed a UTI and took an Rx Antibiotic during the pathogen purge phase. Thus, Dr. Pierce needed to adjust the program to capitalize on the circumstances and help the patient's body adjust and eradicate the cause and recover overall. Results: not bloating, digestion is better, brain fog gone, less anxiousness.

Alicia Hedges, Physical Therapist, Woman's Health Counselor presents how the GT5 program expands her program and effectiveness. Her case: 53 y/o male. Plan S. Diagnosed with colon cancer. Acid reflux with narrowing of esophagus. Trouble swallowing. Frequent loose stools. Eats Standard American Diet, thus over-weight. Suffers with "suppressing" himself. Diagnosed with colon cancer at age 48. Went 6 weeks without a BM and had surgery for the cancer. By the end of the pathogen purge, the acid reflux diminished and bowel movements improved. Patient feels like he was greatly helped and wants to repeat the program again.

Jennifer Lynn presents a 52-year-old male case study with low energy, underweight, brain fog, Graves' disease.

Mariana Vizzolini presents 54 y/o female case study. Civil engineer working 40 hours per day with long commute (2 hours each day). 5’2” and 144 pounds, menopausal, Plan S. Originally from Romania, living in the US for many years. In a healthy relationship for 10 years, no children. History of consistent and vigorous exercise until her late 30’s when her digestive discomfort progressed and made exercise too uncomfortable. History of GERD, stomach pain relieved by belching, chest pressure relieved by burping, nausea, bloating, constipation, brain fog, insomnia, panic attacks and weight gain. Weight gain mostly started with perimenopausal symptoms. History of oral contraceptives, and anti-anxiety medications. Pronounced chronic oral health issues with corresponding antibiotic use. Started GT5 primarily for weight loss, and then really embraced the stress-gut-brain connection, neuro-activation techniques and entire program. After GT5, she is sleeping better, having daily bowel movements, her stomach pain, nausea and bloating are gone and she lost 10 pounds. She feels like a new person and wants to continue improving her health.

Jennifer Van Horn presents 13 y/o male. Autistic and special needs with additional rare Kleefstra Genetic Disorder. Had distended belly most of his life, stinky, foul bowel movements, extremely interrupted sleep. Has repetitive talk, chronic bedwetting and consistent dark circles under his eyes. Possible candida and low HCL. After GT5, sleep, bowel movements, dark circles, repetitive talk and bedwetting have all improved.

Jennifer Van Horn presents 13 y/o male. Autistic and special needs with additional rare Kleefstra Genetic Disorder. Had distended belly most of his life, stinky, foul bowel movements, extremely interrupted sleep. Has repetitive talk, chronic bedwetting and consistent dark circles under his eyes. Possible candida and low HCL. After GT5, sleep, bowel movements, dark circles, repetitive talk and bedwetting have all improved.

Gabriela Nigro presents a 35 y/o male. Case study presented with extreme brain fog, fatigue, loose bowel movements, stomach pain, gas and a fear of eating due to GI issues. After GT5, he no longer has to take naps in the afternoon, his brain fog is clearing, his bowel movements have improved and he no longer has stomach pain or fear of eating.

Gabriela Nigro presents a 35 y/o male. Case study presented with extreme brain fog, fatigue, loose bowel movements, stomach pain, gas and a fear of eating due to GI issues. After GT5, he no longer has to take naps in the afternoon, his brain fog is clearing, his bowel movements have improved and he no longer has stomach pain or fear of eating.

Hope Helmbrecht presents 44 y/o African American Female presenting:

  • Pre-diabetes
  • Elevated Blood Pressure
  • Joint Pain
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Reflux
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Overweight (100 lbs overweight)
  • PMS, severe
  • Chronic Sinus


Participant has history of infertility, miscarriages, pre-eclampsia, Covid trauma, and a stressful career.
Type A personality

At the onset, Hope modified the schedule of supplements to integrate them into the participant’s busy lifestyle and allow the participant to use her intuition about dosing. Worked very well. Hope adjusted the participant’s diet and got immediate help with gas and bloating.

During the program many symptoms subsided. In Step 2, joint point subsided. During the Pathogen Purge, the pre-diabetes symptoms abated. PMS improved. Quit using reflux and bloat/gas medications.

Interesting occurrence #1: Skin rash occurred.  Hope was able to to discuss and the rash subsided.
Interesting occurrence #2: Liver flukes appeared. The participant was relieved to know there was something she could address. Participant was unaware of having flukes, likely dormant for a long time, and so pleased the program helped address that via the liver and pathogen purging supplements.

By addressing the cause of health issues, the participant was able to lose 34 lbs during the program.

Denise Locsin, a natural health practitioner, employs the “partner-coach” hands-on approach to helping people.

Case: 38-year-old female in process of adopting 4 children. Gained a lot of weight during COVID. Much stress in her life from many different sources.

Symptoms: Bloating, Gas, Anxiety, Moodiness, Neck Pain, Mucous in Stool, Food sensitivities, Fibromyalgia.

Denise employed the “Health Grid” to provide organizational structure to relieve the stress of incorporating the program into her daily life. Worked with the Participant with clear guidance and enthusiastic support. Demonstrated the power of the team approach with improvements occurring throughout the program.

Jo Miller presents a 43-year-old female with a history of hypothyroid, hormone imbalances and infertility (2 miscarriages), insomnia, gas, bloating, brain fog, anxiety and depression. She also has had high stress and gone through IVF. She is still trying to recover her health post IVF.

Client had many disruptive life events while going through the program, but still had profound measurable results. During the 80/20 she started to notice some return of symptoms and is now committed to staying with the program and continuing her work with Jo.

Kelly Russel, a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner with a background in Health Sciences presents a 46-year-old female, married with child who was familiar with Christa and natural health programs.

Presenting: Hashimoto's, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia, homozygous MTHFR. On a few Rx drugs such as anti-inflammatories.
History of COVID, Pneumonia. Trying to be vegan, based on respect for animals.
Chief symptoms were in the mental arena: Memory, Insomnia, Emotional.  Wanted more energy, lose weight, reduce pain, and improve her skin and hair.

Kelly helped with diet to address gluten and alcohol use. Helped introduce to Weston A. Price Foundation info to consider methods of getting adequate dietary protein. Also necessary to address the amount of coffee, dairy, and alcohol being used to elevate mood and have energy. Counseled a perspective to include the benefits of bone broth. Decided to extend the Pathogen Purge.

Participant felt much better right away. Experienced so much less pain, was able to reduce medication under doctor’s care which was one of her long-term desires.

Kelly helped the Participant adapt her program for travel schedule, overcome various symptoms such as gas, bloating, spaciness, and transitioning back into work after a vacation. Worked through each issue providing consistent support to keep going and let the program work.

Had a doctor evaluate her health during the program and found blood pressure was stable. During the program, sleep improved greatly. Kelly counseled to continue fat-digestive supplements and continuing key dietary improvements. Participant had a terrific experience with the program.

Yelena Bondarenko presents a 24 year-old female, self-employed artist.

Primary complaints: Low energy, joint & muscle pain, bloating, infertility, acne, seizures and menstrual irregularity.

During the program, her cycle became regular and nearing the end of step two, she conceived. Yelena was able to shift the program to accommodate and support her conception.

Stephanie Willoughby presents a 35 year-old female, traveling school social worker with high stress and frequent travel.

Primary complaints: Heartburn, acid reflux, fatigue, post-nasal drip, overweight, PMS and joint stiffness.

Client tested positive for H. pylori during course and so Pepti-guard was introduced. She completed the program and had complete elimination of all symptoms with significant weight loss as well.

Jessica Davis, RN  — Kansas City, segueing from hospital work into holistic, health-coaching presents a 63-year-old female with 5 children, 8 grandchildren, former school-teacher, care-giver, active life.

Presenting: Stomach bloating, hot flashes, osteoporosis, trouble staying sleeping, gas, joint swelling in hands, history of cancer (double mastectomy), malaria in her 40’s, stress incontinence (did a surgical bladder mesh), health-conscious with a sweet tooth. Takes supplements such as fish oil, quercetin, probiotics, etc.

Travels frequently, needed plan for doing the program while traveling Surgery during program. Needed plan for continuing the program. Case managed “charley horses” during program with Mg oil and trace minerals.

During program: 

1. Improvements in lipid profile (cholesterol, triglycerides)
2. Gave up coffee, gin, wine, gluten easily to get maximum benefits
3. Bloating improved with slashing inflammation Phase
4. Constipation improved during slashing inflammation Phase
5. Headaches gone  during slashing inflammation Phase
6. Sleep improved, able to sleep longer
7. Joint swelling improved.
8. Expelled some whitish, stringy material after coffee enema
9. Lost 5 lbs.
10. Hot flashes improved.

Janice Harris (Hx: Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis brought her to share her success in overcoming illness with natural methods) presents a female, single, psychotherapist.

PRESENTING:  Felt that gut was not healthy. Wanted to re-set gut. Wakes at 4:00 a.m. Brain Fog, Fatigue. Food Sensitivities. Right knee swelling. Weight gain. Elevated Viral Load (Epstein Barr), Low Thyroid. Positive attitude.

Participant was fearful of enemas. Janice sent her a video that supports the practice to help the participant decide to do the enemas. One difficult area overcome was the Participant’s dependence on caffeine. Janice helped with information.

In week 5, wanted coffee back, energy slumped. Janice helped smooth things out. Got the Neurosyn & Calm to help and to help with sleep. Had to manage the soil-based organisms by cutting back and titrating.

SUCCESSES: Improvements in brain fog, weight—lost 10 lbs., Waking later, getting better sleep. Gained freedom from some addictive foods and beverages. Digestive strength improvement.

Cindy Scully presents 57-year-old Female Case Study - Presenting with Crohn's Disease, diarrhea, fecal incontinence, belching gas, and anxiety.

Alayna Nelson presents 80-year-old Female Case Study - Highly sensitive person presenting with high blood pressure, environmental allergies, exercise induced asthma, low energy, and water retention.

Talah Al Timimi presents 39-year-old Male Case Study with H. Pylori, Giardia, HPA axis dysfunction, low stomach acid.

Terri Lee Russman presents 60-year-old Female Case Study with gastroparesis, weight gain, brain fog, gas, and bloating.

Eva Kleckova, Functional Medicine Trainer & Practitioner presents 26-year-old Female Case Study, 106 lbs, working with a Danish biotech start-up company. Symptoms include fungus/yeast infections, autoimmune concerns (Hashimoto’s Dx 2009), bloating, and hormonal imbalance. Many antibiotics for UTI’s and vaginitis. Experiencing muscle loss, high cortisol, cystic acne, low iron/ferritin (malabsorption), PMS, and a menstrual cycle of ±38 days). Episode of food poisoning. With Plan H, she was able to start at the top and work through many issues. Lab test revealed H-pylori, as well as many other pathogenic species (salmonella, streptococcus). Outcomes: improvements in : menstrual cycle, emotional clearing, skin, thyroid, and many others.

Monique Hawkins, a former Environmental Engineer, now an Integrative Nutritionist and Applied Functional Medicine Practitioner presents a 72-year-old Female Case Study, married for 55 years. Husband on program with her. Client presents: insulin resistance, (glucose often 180), elevated Alkaline Phosphatase (190) with Fatty Liver, Stiff joints, kidney stones, poor vision, weak digestion, frequent diarrhea, and H-pylori involvement. At age 41 remembered past incidents of childhood sexual abuse. Experienced excellent results with weight loss, glucose stable at 120’s. Developed on-going relationship to benefit from Monique’s expertise and leverage GT5 work for other improvements.

Nancy Jensen presents a 36-year old female case study with eczema, bloating, fatigue, irregular bowel movements, and miscarriage.

Jen Van Horn, Holistic Nutritionist presents a male athlete who works with high profile professional athletes. He presented with severe reflux, bloating, heartburn, abdomen distention, low B 12 , low iron (due to being on Rx PPI for 12 years). History of emotional trauma, severe infections. Lab test did not find H-pylori, but symptoms were consistent due to hiatic hernia which was supported by a Chiropractor who mechanically adjusted the hernia. She supported the patient with lifestyle improvements – kitchen, pantry, and sleep environment - reducing the toxic burden. Jen applied the holistic model to support this case – body, mind, spirit. His wife said, "I've got a new man!" During the program, old traumas came up and were resolved. Now cites he's better and wants to repeat the program with the new year.

Denise Groothius presents a 40-year-old female case study with digestive issues, Lyme disease, upper left quadrant stomach pain.

Sonya Catterfeld presents a female case study living out in the country of North Dakota presenting with:

  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Insomnia
  • Joint Pain
  • Restless Legs
  • Brain Fatigue
  • Exhaustion
  • Food Sensitivities & Limited Diet
  • Anger Issues

The array of symptoms and their severity caused initial concerns pointing to this being a difficult case to manage. The participant questioned if Plan H was correct due to prior lab test showing that H. pylori was not a concern. The stomach and throat symptoms helped reveal that Plan H was the proper plan.

From day one, the enzyme supplements caused acute burning pains in her throat. The first hurdle was reactiveness to the supplements. This hurdle was met with by providing “drainage support” and soothers first, then gradually introducing the enzymes.

When the pathogen purge started, symptoms again aggravated. Again the hurdle was met by gentle adaption of the program as well as addressing the emotional component.

As the program progressed, the various symptoms got better.

This case exemplifies how a caring practitioner can help a person with all various points of resistance, and gently work through the process to help effect a major breakthrough and increased well-being.

Mona Merrick presents a 63-year-old woman with:

  • Epstein Barr / Chronic Fatigue and need for naps
  • Digestive bloating, swelling, constipation
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Frequent urination
  • Anxious thoughts
  • Unable to lose weight
  • Chronic sinus congestion
  • Trouble digesting fatty foods
  • Craves sweets
  • Night sweats
  • Hypothyroid
  • History of antibiotics for pneumonia

During the program, the Participant had a Functional Medicine doctor observe the process and run lab work.

In implementing the program, Mona needed to address skin eruptions at the start of the program, and modify to accommodate the fatty food aggravations.

By the end of the program, the Participant:
  • Had clear skin
  • Improved energy and stopped needing naps
  • Lost 16 pounds
  • Much less anxiety
  • Sinus’ became clear and reported improvements in muscle cramps
The Functional Medicine doctor documented many improvements in her bloodwork.

Brooke Udale, an Australian practitioner specializing in Weight Loss and Menstrual Issues, presents (in her bathrobe during a bout of COVID) a single, 36-year-old woman with: 63-year-old woman with:

  • Debilitating diarrhea — could not leave her home often have 8 urgent bowel movements a day.
  • Fatigue
  • Food Cravings (Carbs)
  • Vertigo
  • Mood swings
  • Dx: Lyme Disease
  • Dx: SIBO and SIFO
  • Dx: Anemia
  • Dx: Gall Stones
  • Birth Defects: large cyst on ovary, heart issues
  • Experienced several food poisoning episodes

Brooke guided the Gut-Thrive program as the Participant had a huge ovarian cyst surgically removed.

The first week of the program, the Participant’s bowel movements improved.

By the end of the program, the diarrhea episodes were 80% better, continuing with gradual improvements.

Plans to repeat the program in a few months.

Mandie Bester, a Gut Health Expert in South Africa presents a female, busy CEO of a contractor company presenting issues with:

  • Adrenal Burn Out / Stress
  • Glucose Metabolic Issues
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Waking at 2-4 a.m.
  • Body Aches (neck, knees)
  • Migraines
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Food sensitivities — Dairy, including ghee

Participant was driven to accelerate the program and get it all done in a hurry.  Mandie had to pace the program so that each phase was properly completed.

Participant got very emotional during the Pathogen Purge Phase and got help from Mandie and a Counselor.

Constipation improved, but returned during program. Mandie supported this with additional Triphala to good effect.

Bloating improved but returned. Mandie determined it was a menstrual reaction and counseled to persevere and the bloating adjusted and improved more.

Mandie’s support involves asking questions that help personalize the program and provides a listening ear.  This created a viable connection for trust and compliance.

Coming out of the program, the Participant resolved to not live in “over-drive” and practice dietary improvements learned in the Gut-Thrive program. Amazing improvement.

Sherese Ijewere, a Nigerian practitioner, guides a 49 y/o female (169 lbs, 5’8”) in a high stress job as a college advisor.

Participant presented with stomach aches, headaches, heartburn, exhaustion.

Improvements started with the first week of the Gut-Thrive program. During the program, had a loose stool episode managed by adjusting the supplement doses.

By the end of the program, noticeable improvements in all areas.

Mo-Han Fong is an FDN Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner.

Case: 36-year-old, single, female, 124 lbs.


  • Needs to take 14 supplements a day to try to maintain
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Brain Fog
  • Hormone imbalance (hot flashes with night sweats)
  • Constipation
  • Lupus
  • Perfectionistic (overly) personality

Mo-Han explains how gut healing is “core” to helping many other areas of health and how successful program opens the door to follow up programs.

Participant experienced much improvement, lighter, more energetic, better bowel motions, much less brain fog.

Yvonne Garcia, R.N. presents a case of Barrett’s Esophagus after 10 years of chronic acid reflux in a 57 y/o male law enforcement officer.

  • Barrett’s Esophagus
  • Skin rash on forehead (parallels G.I. track symptoms)
  • Heartburn
  • H pylori
  • History of snacking and junk food
  • No appetite in morning
  • Hiatic hernia
  • Belching (especially on waking)
Case Management issues:
  • Participant unable to use ACV. Yvonne solved by using aloe vera.
  • Sleeping issues.  Vyonne explained about blue light from his iPad. Sauna helped with sleep.
  • Pathogen Purge caused him to feel weak and tired.  Yvonne guided him through.
  • Participant refused coffee enemas.  Yvonne worked with other options (castor oil packs), sauna.
  • Forgetting to take supplements.  Yvonne solved with scheduling and baggies for supplements while working.
  • Developed pain in region of liver.  Yvonne supplemented with methyl donors, did castor oil packs, and dose adjustment
  • Developed heart palpitations.  Yvonne adjusted doses, then titrated the doses to full program.
  • Short episode of constipation.  Yvonned solved with supplement adjustment.
  • Experienced “emotions.”  Yvonned worked with him reassuring it was okay and often happens.
By end of program was able to implement the ACV with lemon with no burning.  Acid Reflux much improved. Gas and Bloating much improved.

Jinjer Brody presents a 52-year-old female who works as a librarian and she and her husband also live on and operate a working ranch. History of Valley Fever & Lyme Disease.

Presenting symptoms:

  • stiff joints
  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • memory loss
  • overweight
  • perimenopause
  • relationship difficulties

In addition to GT5, Jinjer also had client introduce tapping, deep breathing techniques and rebounding.

Despite a few setbacks, she was able to complete the program. Her sleep improved, energy improved, stiff joints resolved and she lost weight.

Patricia Oliveira, Health Coach (Chemical engineer who was diagonsed with IBS and having failed with conventional medicine, got excellent results with the natural health model. Helps others with GT5.), presents a 37-year-old Female, married, no children (yet). Participant had history of Candida and did the Kick Candida program a year ago.

PRESENTING: Bloating, Heartburn, history of being too skinny. Love to exercise and makes her feel better. Malignancy removed from breast.  Sensitive to dairy and sugar.  Water retention concerns. Dry Skin. Acid Reflux, Infertility. Low body temp. Some skin eruptions Can feel emotionally numb (emotionally constipated).  Stress, work, home, husband’s health, etc.

Got some bloating during the program. Patricia increased enzymes to help resolve. Headaches. Patricia helped with program adjustment via Magnesium. Floating stools occurred in the 7th week — Patricia brought earlier supplements back to help transition through the process.

SUCCESSES: Gained clarity. Improved self confidence. Let go of some guilt issues. Lost 6 pounds. Less stress impact. Emotional freedom.

Sonia Romero presents a 36-year-old female, married, mother of 3. Accountant.

History of mold exposure, strep, mono, thrush and covid. Previously very type A personality with active lifestyle and time spent in nature.

Started program with severe fatigue, hopelessness, challenged relationships and difficulty leaving the house.

Additional symptoms were dizziness, sleep issues, unrinary frequency, IBD, stomach pain, migraines and unintentional weight loss.

Was very committed to the program. Extended the pathogen purge and added additional adrenal support. She completed the BBF, saltwater flushes and loved the coffee enemas. She worked hard on her sleep regulation while doing the program.

Finished with increased energy, more hopeful, relationships improved, stomach pain ceased, sleep improved, urinary frequency decreased and she had healthy weight gain.

Tammy Garrison presents 45-year-old Female Case Study with Lupus, insomnia, abdominal distension, skin rashes.