GT5 Practitioner Subscription

Woohoo! We’re so excited for you to start taking advantage of your Interactive GT5 Practitioner subscription benefits below and can’t wait to connect with you LIVE!

Interactive GT5 Practitioner Subscription Benefits:

  1. 1 year of Clinical Customer Service where Jack, Christa, and Nicole will answer your questions/concerns that come up with your clients and patients. This is not to exceed more than three, one-subject emails per week.
  2. Quarterly Case Study Review, New Research/Protocols, and Q&A Webinars / Sessions (90 minutes each 4x/year)
  3. Listed as a Certified Gut Thrive Practitioner on our website and referred out by team
  4. Bi-annual research papers from Jack Tips, plus updated clinical protocols (as science advances you can use this aspect of the program to consistently keep your gut health up to par with the latest research). We are sharing the forefront of what’s coming out in the way of “new bugs” and how to use them as updates become available.

You can submit questions to or click on the blue toggle located on the bottom right-hand corner of the program portal pages.

Thank you for being a part of the GT5 Practitioner Training program. We look forward to being a part of your successful training journey.   

Christa & The Whole Journey Team