Welcome to Gut Thrive in 5™!

The entire Gut Thrive team and I welcome you into this powerful healing journey that will help you help others while expanding your business ten-fold. 

Understanding the gut microbiome and realizing how it can begin working for you, instead of against you, is crucial to lasting health and healing and something that is very important to communicate to your clients. 

We encourage you to open your mind and heart to the possibilities that lie ahead and trust that if you follow this 5- Step process and truly listen to your own body if you’re doing the program and also listen deeper to your clients, you will learn how to transform the environment of the gut in a way that is foundational for rock solid immune health, allowing the rest of the body to thrive.

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Lesson 1: Setting Expectations

As you know, healing the gut is first base to healing the rest of the body and because each of your clients and patients are challenged by different health issues and are in different stages of healing, it's important for you to set individual goals and expectations with each of them for their unique Gut Thrive experience.

Because "we can't improve what we can't measure," it's important to capture where they are  now in Session #1 (after the initial health intake)  with the Symptom Wheel. You will then have them revisit that same information again mid-way through the program after they complete the pathogen purge and a third time, 3 months after the program is complete (as their terraforming process will continue). This will help them feel the improvement at three key stages. When you have them fill out this document in session with you, let them know that this process is theirs to experience and own and that their results will depend on how much or how little they put into it.

The Goals Sheet will help you and your client or patient to place realistic, attainable and measurable goals for their healing journey. Let them now that organization and planning will be key to their success. We’ve given you the Program Timeline we use with our Gut Thrivers to execute the program in 11 weeks. You can use this as a base and extend each of the five steps as you need to based upon your client’s progress and physical and emotional capacity for change, which should set the pace of their program.