Lesson 5: Moving Forward

We are SO PROUD of you and you should be so proud of yourselves for taking yourselves, your case studies, and your clients and patients this far. You have no idea the world of good you have done and will continue to do. We know what it takes to accomplish this and it is not easy! It required discipline, diligence, focus, strength, courage, optimism, time, money, and energy. And you should also commend your case studies for loving themselves enough to go through this process that will contribute to their health for years to come. Let them know to enjoy the next few months, as they continue to build wellness. Talk to them about expanding their diet. Your goal for them is to become intuitive with their nutrition as they feed themselves on all levels. Have them measure their progress by filling out another Symptom Wheel, expand their goals with them and therefore their belief of what is possible for their lives. May both you and all whom you work with be blessed and reach your highest potential. Thank you for trusting me, Jack, and Nicole as your guides.

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