Lesson 10: Training Webinar - Getting Started Q&A

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Follow up to things we went over on this webinar:

1 - Nicole went over some housekeeping and then we answered questions about the Getting Started Module. 

2 - Those of you having trouble getting your case studies off of sugar, dairy, and gluten can take the advice we covered in the webinar and also send them the following PDFs (located under the resources tab in the Basic Nutritional Counseling Section) and videos:

Please remember to download these documents and send as file attachments versus sending the links.

Additional Videos you can watch and share with your case studies, clients, and patients on the topics of wheat, gluten, and sugar:

3 - Next, we went over the dietary guidelines of Step 1 using Plan F as an example.

Please make sure to read, familiarize yourself with, and download all of these handouts from Step 1, Lesson 1 as you will be administering the diet plan with your case studies starting Monday:

4 - Also here are answers to questions that were left unanswered in the chat box with the exception of a few more complicated cases that should be answered via submitting a ticket to info@thewholejourney.com as a better, more comprehensive forum:

5 - Please make sure to watch the How-to-Implement Webinar for Step 1 before Monday, so you can see how I directly instruct gut thrivers on their diet and then can follow suit with your own unique approach.

It should answer many of your questions so that we can maximize our time together on the next webinar.