Lesson 5: Training Webinar - Step 1 - Slashing Inflammation

You are to begin administering Step 1 Supplements and the Diet Plan this week. 

Here are the documents you’re working with within your client/case study base this week: 

Important Note: Those on Plan H and Plan F will need to have their sexual partner on 1-2 supplements as well come Step 2 since they can pass via saliva or sexually, respectively and you will need to communicate this to your case study so they don’t get reinfected in this way. 

Download the webinar transcript

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View The Webinar Replay From An Attendee's Perspective: 

Additional links to things we discussed:

Good luck, have fun, and stay inspired vs. overwhelmed. And remember to trust the process and have patience as it unfolds because this is a paradigm shift in terms of the way of approaching private practice.