Lesson 4: Training Webinar - Step 5 - 80/20 Maintenance

I apologize for the time mishap, but am grateful to Jack for holding down the fort and answering questions until I arrived. We covered A LOT.

We went over: 

  • Food sensitivities and how they can make someone feel better than they have in 15 years. If this happens with future clients in Step 1, have them run an IgG food sensitivity panel because you’ll need to know what foods they are highly sensitive to and keep them out for 6 months before retesting. 
  • How to best communicate with your case studies and future clients. Please DO NOT let weeks go by without communicating with them because that #1 deters from their progress, #2 might add extra time and discomfort for them and #3 creates a liability for YOU. Remember, YOU are in the driver’s seat and set the pace for the work, not them because they don’t understand the science behind it. 
  • How to work with clients who have unresolved emotional issues arise and project their anger onto either you or the protocol/program. I read part of a strong email I wrote to a case study out loud (attached here). You would only need to say something like this to maybe 1 out of 200 clients so please be judicious with your language and always kind. 
  • People sometimes need a harsher outside perspective to snap out of a pattern so that they can take better care of themselves. There can sometimes be a bit of ruthlessness to true compassion that gets someone to wake up and change for their betterment vs. letting them stew in victimhood. You’ll see in this email, I tried to get her to see that she is the creator of her life, not the victim of it. Jack had a different perspective than I did and you as the clinician are to use your heart, intellect, and intuition in combination with your client’s energy to decide the best approach. 
  • We covered cases on each of the four plans and you will for SURE run into these issues or questions with other clients so make sure you watch because this trains your brain for future cases.
  • We also covered heart palpitations, acid reflux, GERD, Barrett’s, liver pain, metabolic waste, nausea, Step 3 to Step 4 transition questions and more HCL challenge questions. 

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View The Webinar Replay From An Attendee's Perspective: 

There was so much to cover and so many case studies that are not yet in Step 5 that we want to see you through the rest of this process with an additional webinar.

Bridgette Becker, an amazing clinician on our team will be reaching out with details for that last webinar where she and Jack will cover Step 5, how to customize the 80/20 balance, keep them continuing to terraform, Transition Supplements, and any questions that have arisen for your case studies between now and then that have not been answered by our clinical team via email. 

You are creating a career for yourself that will change the direction of hundreds, maybe even thousands of lives and Jack and I are honored to guide this process and respect the hard work and heart you’ve put in.