Lesson 6: Troubleshooting Step 2, Part 2 - Supporting The Purge

In this video and corresponding handout, we cover the following:

  • When should you administer the salt flush in relation to the coffee enema
  • Various outcomes of each 
  • How often can someone do a pathogen purge
  • How often cleansing techniques should be administered after they are finished with the purge
  • What symptoms would we observe to recommend another pathogen purge to a client/patient? 
  • Are detox baths okay if you have adrenal dysfunction and get dizzy with heat? 
  • Is Valerian root okay if not sleeping during the purge? 
  • What other supplements are safe with the protocol?

Download and read your PDF on troubleshooting the cleansing modalities so that you can put together the right mix at the right time for the person you’re working with. See you in the training webinar.

Download the handout

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