Lesson 5: Training Webinar - Step 4 - The HCL Evaluation & Terraforming

Holy moly, what a webinar we had. We covered A LOT of clinical ground so even if you were there, you’re going to want to watch again, or at least read the transcript to soak all that knowledge into your beautiful brain.

We had some unexplained tech issues but all should be fine in the replay. Thanks for hanging in there with us through that.

We went through the HCL challenge in detail and all kinds of scenarios that are coming up with real case studies, dove deep into probiotic strategy with Plan S, touched on TBIs, and ALL kinds of things. 

Here are follow up links and additional information to things we spoke about:

Enema Implantation Instructions for Challenging Plan S Cases in Step 3

To do an implant enema, you want to open the capsule of MBC or Terraflora and mix into about 2 cups of water right before you're ready to do the enema, and then pour the mixture into your enema bag. The water should be lukewarm or at room temperature for comfort.

Start with 1/4 capsule, see how you do, and work up to the full dose over time. Some participants are going to be more sensitive and need to add probiotics even later in the process.

Hold the enema for 15 minutes. If you are having trouble holding the enema, you could try starting off with 8 oz. of water and reducing the dosage accordingly, or you may want to try doing a plain water enema just prior to your implant enema, as it can help to hold the second enema longer. This should improve the more you do it.

Do them once a week. Week 1, use 1/4 capsule of  MBC/Terraflora. Weeks 2-4, use 1/2 capsule of MBC/Terraflora. Weeks 5-6, use 1 capsule of MBC/Terraflora.

For those of you wanting to contact Jack directly for 10M Arnica or to book a discounted consultation with him for your case study, his direct email is jack@wellnesswiz.com

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View The Webinar Replay From An Attendee's Perspective: 

Links and follow up:

Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment:

  • Pau D’arco capsule dipped in coconut oil and inserted 1 per night for three nights
  • Follow up with Fem-Dophilis capsule dipped in coconut oil and inserted. (Both can be found at the health food store or online.) 
  • Take 2 Candicid Forte with two meals during the day and have the sexual partner do the same. 

One thing we did not talk about that I wanted to mention is closing the ileocecal valve. Please make sure to watch that video and have your Plan S case studies do that several times. 

A few business notes: 

Am I allowed to administer the Gut Thrive Program to clients located within and outside of my state? 

State health care practitioner laws and regulations vary across states and it is up to each practitioner to determine what your specific state’s requirements are based on your professional license or certification. Each state has scope of practice laws and regulations for different types of health care practitioners that may specify what services you can and cannot provide, what professional titles you can use when working with clients and advertising your services, and how you can work with clients. For example, a state may have a “title protection” law that prohibits someone from calling themselves a “clinical nutritionist,” “certified nutritionist,” or “licensed nutritionist” unless they are licensed or certified by the state but otherwise does not limit who can provide nutrition coaching services in that state. The government does not currently regulate health coaches, however, we highly recommend that you research your state’s requirements and consult with an attorney in your state who specializes in health care law to ensure that you are practicing appropriately. You can also find information on holistic health and nutrition laws at holisticcouncil.com.

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